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Coronavirus in Oman: Are we beginning to see curve flattening?

TAS News Service
August 6, 2020 5:27 pm

MUSCAT: Are we beginning to see the coronavirus curve flattening? At least that’s what the number says. According to the epidemiological data, Oman is witnessing a decrease in the total number of new Covid-19 cases reported.

According to the data issued by the Ministry of Health, there is also a decrease in the number of patients admitted in hospitals and intensive care unit.

“The epidemiological data in the Sultanate indicate signs of a decrease in the total number of cases infected with Coronavirus, and admitted cases in hospitals and in intensive care departments,” MOH said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the epidemiological curve in the Sultanate until the end of July shows that the seven-day average for cases reached its peak in the first week of July, at the rate of 2,000 cases. It started to decline gradually to 1,000 cases daily until the end of July.

“Muscat reported the peak of Covid-19 in the first half of June and other governorates followed to reach its peak in mid-June, while the peak of hospitalisation and intensive care cases reached during the third week of July,” MOH added. 

Oman on Wednesday reported 427 new cases, the lowest since June. The total Covid-19 cases in the country now stands at 80,713.

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