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Oman bags 15 medals in World Karate Championship

A team from Bodhi Life Skills based in Oman took part in the World Karate Championship held in London.

TAS News Service
August 26, 2019

MUSCAT: A team from Oman won 15 medals in the 42ndIsshinryu World Karate Championship (IWKA), held in London recently. 

The team from Bodhi Life Skills Oman (BLSK) led by Guinness World record holder Rensei G. Kumar participated in the championship at Jean Brown Indoor Arena, Redbridge Sports Centre, London. Teams from United States, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, India, Oman, Philippines, Sri Lanka and UK participated in the two-day championship. “We at BLSK are indeed happy to have performed well in this championship. To come out in flying colours winning 15 medals is a big achievement for this young team,” said Kumar who holds the coveted 5th DAN – Black Belt, certified directly under O’Sensei Kichiro Shimabaku.

Bodhi Life Skills was established in 2006.  “The martial art form is rigorous and takes 4 – 6 years of dedicated practice for a Karateka to receive the title of DAN-1 or Black Belt,” Kumar explained.  “In addition to learning the martial art form which primarily helps in self-defence, it also develops discipline, maturity and helps you stay focused,” Kumar added,  

The 42nd World Karate Championship for 2019 was organised by World Union of Karate-Do Federations based in the United Kingdom. 

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