Friday, August 19, 2022

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Futuristic Education

By Mirza Rameez Ahmed Baig

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The passage of time and development in technology will implement the Educational System a lot.

In the future, schools will rely a lot on technology. Students will use Identification Cards to get into the school. Their ID Cards will also be needed to get into their class. Many people say that teachers will be replaced by robots but that isn’t what I think.

I believe being a teacher will still be a valid occupation choice. The only difference will be that each class will have its own Artificial Intelligence Program that will assist each teacher with her class. The AI will be very advanced, and will have the capability to interact with the students and even provide them with information, study related or not.

Textbooks will no longer be needed. All students will be allowed to bring a tablet to school. Books will be digitalized and downloaded onto our tablets. Classic notebooks would still be used as a way to preserve the skill of hand-writing. Like we have projectors today,

I think we will have holographic projectors used in schools in the future. Teachers can show the students whatever they want on the projector with the click of a button on their tablet.

Instead of homework diaries, students will make digital diaries on their tablets to note their work. If the homework is a worksheet, the sheet will be emailed to the students by the teacher and they will submit printed hard-copies of them on the submission date.

All Parents will have Parent Passes in the future . These passes will give all parents access to an AI at the school door. This AI will use the school cameras to find the parents’ children. If their children are in a class, the class’s AI will inform the students that their parents are here.