Friday, August 19, 2022

Campus Lights

Mr. Adam’s family and Max

By Hana Essam Mohamed Mohamed Mousa

Saturday, July 10, 2021

We can see Adam’s family.

I see grandmother, her name is Amal and her daughter’s name is maya are sitting at the sofa. The two children’s names are Jana and Ahmed, Adam and Max.

We can see thieves are ready to go into Mr. Adam’s house to steal.

When the night came. M.r Travel and M.r Angry went to Adam’s house.  The thieves opened the door and started taking the household things.

Suddenly Max the dog started barking and bit Mr. Travel the trouble man. The family were very scared. They started hitting M.r Travel and Mr. Angry. Max the smartest Dog snatched Mr. Adam’s cell phone and dialed the police number. The policeman cannot understand the woof, woof sound, and suddenly Mr. Adam took away the phone from Max.

The police arrived with the directions Mr. Adam gave him. Max found the paper thrown by Mr. Angry.

The police caught Mr. Travel and Mr. Angry while escaping with the valuable things from the garden. The police caught Mr. Angry and took away all the things.

After a month Mr. Adam was reading a newspaper and saw the picture of his family, he was incredibly. surprised and happy, and the police rewarded the family.

           The end