Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Campus Lights

“A perfect family”

By Soha Khalid

Monday, June 28, 2021

The Smiths used to live a peaceful life. Pamela Smith, Andrew Smith and their two cute kids, Timmy and Katie. They used to spend lots of time together and went out all the time. They were what you called the “The perfect family” 

Every morning Pamela woke up to the vibrant sun. She went straight to her kids’ room to wake them up then her husband.  She made a delicious warm breakfast for her family. All of them ate up and then hurried to get them ready. That is a typical day at the Smiths home, but not for long…

Dark days

Suddenly one day Pamela got a call from the hospital. Andrew had advanced cancer. As soon as she saw Andrew, she broke into tears. She was so miserable, when the kids found out they were mortified. They couldn’t help but keep thinking about life without a dad. Everyone was heartbroken. Pamela called her mother for some extra help so Pamela could take care of her husband and her mom could take care of her kids every day. She saw her husband suffering in pain every hour of the day. She was helpless, suffering with him, every trip to the hospital took its toll on her.

She was going through another depressing day when the doctor informed her that her husband wasn’t doing well and he had only one week left, their memories just flashed before her eyes. She was terrified of what was going to happen if he passed away. Her mind was filled with questions

How would she tell the kids? Where would she get a job? How would she take care of the kids and her work? She did not have time to think about it. She couldn’t control her emotions as she entered her husband’s room she burst into tears. That’s when Andrew consoled her and told her what his last wish was, he said “Promise me you will never let the kids feel like they don’t have a dad, please?”. She agreed and later at night when the kids asked about their father, she told them the news. The kids were really upset they did not reply, she promised they would never feel like they did not have a father. Andrew’s last week was filled with emotions, tears, hugs and kisses. Parting with their loved one was the most difficult for them all. Many things happened after Andrew’s funeral. Pamela had to start thinking about how she was going to be a single mom and make money. It was going to be extra hard because she was a high school dropout.

The single mom life

Being a single mom was not easy at all, handling kids and trying to find a job was exhausting. Luckily, Andrew saved a lot of money so Pamela could take her time finding a new job. It had been two months since Andrew passed away. The family was devastated and couldn’t get over it and the house had a sad and gloomy atmosphere. Pamela had to push her emotions back and try her best to find a job. Her resume was very underwhelming and many companies were not impressed with it. Pamela was getting scared and losing hope, but then she remembered her husband’s wish that she had to be a mom and a dad for her kids. Trying to find a job and spending time with her kids was exhausting. Many days, the house would just sit there, so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

Katie’s sweet sixteen was coming. Pamela had not spoken to her in months, she had no idea what to get for Katie. As Katie had been having sleepless nights, Pamela got her a Dream Catcher which prevents bad dreams and she got a delicious chocolate cake. When she surprised Katie she said, “I know it’s not much, but I hope you like it.”. Katie started crying, “So many kids don’t even get a birthday, it means the world you did this. This is the best day ever and you are the best mom ever.”, these were all lies. 

Pamela still didn’t have a job. one day Timmy came crying to her, she was very concerned and asked what happened. Timmy said that Father’s Day is coming up and an event is happening in his school. The teacher told him to bring his dad. Pamela had forgotten to inform the school about Andrew’s death. He was a very prominent figure in the school, beloved by the teachers. After Pamela informed them of his death, they were very apologetic and exempted Timmy from the event. 


Pamela thought that everything was going fine, but she was so wrong. She did not realize how much money she was spending. She still could not find a job and everything was falling apart behind her back. Her kids started to blame her for Andrew’s death. She was losing control of her kids. The silence of the house was now replaced with screams of hatred. It had officially been one year since Andrew’s death and all the money he left was about to finish.

She kept the kids in school so she started to go into debt. Her life was crumbling around her. They went from the perfect family to the most troublesome family ever. After a very heated argument, Katie ran away. Pamela was beyond devastated and she started to lose herself. Timmy saw the state of his mother, being young and powerless, all he could do was support his mother. Pamela started pushing Timmy away, this led to Timmy falling into depression. Will Pamela fix this mess?

Job at last

Pamela was very emotionally drained. One day, Pamela was giving just another interview, it was for a local restaurant. She was a good cook after all. She was ecstatic. After months of slaving and working she was finally able to get out of her debts. It was amazing, she noticed Timmy’s depression. After looking at her options and making many attempts to improve his mood, she made a decision. She realized that nothing helped, in the end, she had no choice but to send him to the therapist.

Timmy’s sessions were going great but Pamela kept thinking about Katie. She still could not believe that Katie ran away. She really missed her and wanted to make things right. She started a mission to find her daughter. It took many weeks but she finally found her on the streets. Katie broke down into tears after seeing her mom. She hugged her and said she was very sorry about leaving. Pamela finally started to turn her life around; everything was going great. She had two loving kids and an amazing job. Her life was getting better. They were now back as a united family understanding each other “The Smiths”.    There is no such thing as a perfect family. But when we are together, we have a lot of perfect moments.