Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Campus Lights

The Legend of Tim-Skala

By Arjun Bhargava

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

On Friday, the 13th of July, Tim was finishing off his work at the post office. It was a dark desolate night. There wasn’t even a whisper, but at about 2 am astonishingly, the cats began crying. Tim had just left the post office after a long, exasperating, and tiring day at the post office. Indeed, he had worked for over 8 hours since the post office closed. In an atmosphere of lethargy, he began to head home, but there still was an hour’s journey before he finally got home. On his way back home, he was filled with anxiety, the cause of it was vague. He did not believe in Myths or Superstitions. However, he had heard a lot of stories from his friends about the mysterious disappearance and unexpected appearances of people unknown.

He proceeded on his way for a few minutes, but then, out of the blue, saw a strange beam of light. He was strangely attracted towards it. All his concentration shifted from riding the bicycle, to speculating about what the light was, and what was its origin. Suddenly, he began to lose control and skidded off the path. As he tried to regain control, he realized that the bicycle was drifting towards a large swamp. He had to do something quick, so he slammed on the brakes as hard as he could. However, all is efforts were in vain and before he knew, he had fallen into the swamp.

A chill ran down Tim’s Spine, when he realized that the large swamp he had fallen in, was actually a quicksand. The moonless light meant that he had mistaken the quicksand for an ordinary swamp. He began sinking into the quicksand. Inch by inch, he sank into the sand, until the sand got to his neck. He could still see the bright light. In his mind he thought, “all thanks to that weird light, I am caught in this mess. Only a miracle can save me now.” 

To his surprise, the light began moving towards him. Soon he was wrapped in huge ropes; he too began emerging from the quicksand. He rose higher and higher and with a final jerk, he was finally out of the quicksand. Tim didn’t have a clue about where he was, and who helped him get out, because his face was still covered with sand from the quicksand. He was still tangled in the ropes. When he finally felt himself standing on firm ground, the rope untangled. He dusted of his face and regained his vision.

But as soon as he opened his eyes, his feet began to tremble. It was as if the rug under his feet was pulled off. All he could hear now was the hissing of snakes, and all he could see, was the Snake-haired Medusa standing in front of him! The very next moment, his feet froze, then his hand, and before he knew, his whole body was turned into stone. Figuratively and literally, Tim had turned into a solid rock.

Several years later, a stone statue was uncovered in a remote part of the country. Several legends were told. The statue still stands at the heart of the city and is worshipped as Tim-Skala.