Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Campus Lights

Kindness Blindness

By Sara Nunez

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Mr. Carrot is one of the many mean foods in Food Ville.  There are a lot of other mean foods in Food Ville, like: Mr. Mean Potato head, Mr. Cat Food and one girl; Ms. Pineapple and much more mean people. 

One day Ms. Tomato decided to go up to all the mean foods and ask them if they could one day be nice. All the mean foods laughed and laughed and laughed and then Mr. Fries said: “Ms. Tomato girl why would we want to be nice?”. 

Ms. Tomato girl left crying while thinking: How can I make them kind again?. Then, on the next day, she went all the way across town and visited Mr. Wizard Water. He was a wizard who would grant spells on anyone!. 

“Mr. Wizard Water I would like to buy a spell please” said Ms. Tomato girl. “Ah Ms. Tomato girl! so glad to see you, what spell would you like to buy I’ve got tons!” said Mr. Wizard Water. “Do you have a spell of kindness?” said Ms. Tomato girl, “hmmm I think I have some” said Mr. Wizard Water -while grabbing a ladder- “Why do you need a spell of kindness?” he asked. “Well, I just need some people to act kind” said Ms. Tomato girl. After a few minutes of looking for spells Mr. Wizard Water found a perfect one named “Kindness Blindness”. Kindness Blindness spell only worked for specific people and had a special touch of kindness. “Thank you, Mr. Wizard Water”, said Ms. Tomato girl “your welcome Ms. Tomato girl and I think the kindness blindness spell is working already!” said Mr. Wizard Water. 

Ms. Tomato girl went towards the mean foods and put the Kindness Blindness spell on them. The next day they were back to their normal self! so Ms. Tomato girl went to get more. 

For a whole week the mean foods were actually nice. The Kindness Blindness spell ran out again so Ms. Tomato girl went to get some more. “Mr. Wizard Water the Kindness Blindness spell ran out again may I get some more?” said Ms. Tomato girl. “Well did the mean foods act kind for the past week?” he asked, “Yes, yes they did” said Ms. Tomato girl “well then let me tell you that there is no such thing as the kindness blindness spell I made it up!, I just took a glass and told you that it was invisible”, said Mr. Wizard Water. “Wait so there was no spell?” said Ms. Tomato girl “yeah it was just an act a kindness that made it all happen”.