Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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INFINITI Oman announces special offer on versatile SUV range

The special offer on the QX50, QX60 and QX80 is valid till June 20, 2021.

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Monday, June 7, 2021

MUSCAT: INFINITI Oman has announced special offers across its SUV range of INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, and INFINITI QX80 as part of its promotion. 

Customers who purchase INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, and INFINITI QX80 during the promotion are eligible for assured cash gift, free registration, free window film and ceramic paint protection coat, free periodic vehicle service package and free AAA Assistance Card.

The special offer on the QX50, QX60 and QX80 is valid till June 20, 2021.

A senior spokesperson at INFINITI Oman said, “INFINITI SUVs – QX50, QX60 and QX80 are fitted with smart technologies that adapt to the needs of customers. These SUVs have multiple advanced features to please even the most demanding of lifestyles, such as versatile interior with adaptable seating, cargo space, and the individualised entertainment system. This is the ideal time to book one of the versatile INFINITI SUVs. INFINITI SUVs continue to be amongst the best-selling vehicles in Oman for obvious reasons. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for powerful performance, safe drive, and comfortable interiors.”

Assured Cash Gift 

Assured cash gift of OMR 3000 is being offered on INFINITI QX50. Customers buying INFINITI QX60 will get an assured cash gift of OMR 3000. INFINITI QX80 customers will get an assured cash gift of OMR 4000. The cash gift can be adjusted in the down payment of the car if customer opts for it. 

Free Registration

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, QX60 and QX80 during this scheme period will be eligible for free first year vehicle registration. Applicable to the extent of private registration only. For commercial registrations, additional amount including passing needs to be borne by customer.

Free Window Film and Ceramic Paint Protection Coat 

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, QX60 and QX80 during this scheme will be eligible for free window film (side and rear glass) and ceramic paint protection coat. 

Free Periodic Vehicle Service Package

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, QX60 and QX80 during this scheme period will be eligible for free periodic maintenance service package for three years/60,000 kms (whichever is earlier).

Free AAA Assistance Card

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, QX60 and QX80 during scheme period will receive Free AAA assistance card for first year only.

5% VAT on SBA for QX60

The 5% VAT charge applicable at the time of purchase for QX60 will be borne by SBA’s INFINTI OMAN. 

INFINITI QX50: Convincing performance

INFINITI QX50 provides the highest level of versatility, efficiency, and performance in luxury mid-size crossovers. The VC-Turbo engine delivers the strong and convincing performance of a V6 and the fuel economy of a 4-cylinder engine, which allows users to harness the exhilarating performance of 268 hp and 380 nm at 4,400 rpm of torque. The appearance of the INFINITI QX50 highlights the influence of human artistry in the design process to emphasize the car’s premium quality with intelligent packaging and deep character lines with INFINITI signature design cues.

The VC-Turbo engine is the world’s first production-ready variable compression ratio engine, transforming on demand. A breakthrough in combustion engine design, the 2.0-litre VC-Turbo engine adjusts its compression ratio to optimize power and efficiency. 

A multi-link system continuously raises or lowers the pistons’ reach to transform the compression ratio. High compression ratios aid efficiency, while low ratios enable greater power and torque. The VC-Turbo offers any compression ratio between 8:1 (for performance) and 14:1 (for efficiency), maximizing driver control.

The engine delivers 268 hp (200 kW) and (380 Nm) and fuel economy of 14.1 km/l combined, front-wheel drive; 13.6 km/l combined, all-wheel drive). Front-wheel drive models offer a 35% improvement in fuel efficiency over the previous V6 gasoline QX50; all-wheel drive models offer a 30% improvement.  The engine is paired with a continuously-variable transmission (CVT), for seamless power delivery. Its infinite number of gears perfectly matches the engine’s ability to transform.

Five-door, five-seater SUV, with all-steel unitary construction bodyshell. Four-cylinder variable compression ratio turbocharged engine driving the front or all wheels via continuously-variable transmission.

INFINITI QX60: Staying ahead

Featuring superior interior and exterior design with a collection of assistive and in-built technologies, the INFINITI QX60 which is a fantastic three-row luxury SUV stays ahead of the curve by bringing a unique offering to the segment. While it impresses auto enthusiasts with its array of features, INFINITI QX60’s intelligent technology, advanced performance, and leading-edge craftsmanship has brought it new fans too.

INFINITI QX60’s innovative design gives it both luxurious versatility and visual appeal, besides its improved interior design with a suite of assistive and intuitive technologies provide versatility precisely tailored to the needs of every guest. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art INFINITI QX60 is completely redesigned from the exterior and also boasts a host of new features and technologies that enhance comfort, convenience and safety. Inside INFINITI QX60 rich leather appointments are naturally soft yet durable enough for beach days. A dual-screen rear entertainment system keeps kids happy, while drivers can enjoy music or conversation up front. When a premium crossover is as practical as it is elegant the owners get the best. 

The dynamic lines and muscular shapes are the best part of INFINITI QX60. Owners can sense the possibilities from the rugged roof rails up top and the LED signature headlights and taillights, through to the 20-inch wheels at ground level. One can feel the power from a 3.5-litre V6 engine with 295 hp transform to confidence with added traction of intelligent All-Wheel Drive that adapts instantly to changing conditions. 

With QX60 one has to simply swing your foot under the rear bumper and the Motion-Activated Liftgate automatically opens. Enjoy hands-free entry as well as the convenience of power return for folding third-row seats. With the push of a button, seatbacks easily return to their upright position.

Optimism is everywhere in the QX60. Created for family and friends, it welcomes all possibilities. It brings three rows of space and the versatility to configure seats to individual needs. Seven seats are a good fit for bold and imaginative personalities.

INFINITI QX80 full-size luxury SUV

The 2021 INFINITI QX80 full-size luxury SUV, features added equipment, innovative new technologies and stylish features befitting its luxury status, in addition to a new ‘Black Edition’ grade.

Key additions to the flagship model include the new generation INFINITI InTouch infotainment, Premium In-Vehicle-Infotainment (P-IVI) System featuring two HD display screens, 3D maps, Apple Car Play and Android Auto capabilities. A further notable addition to the model is the BOSE Performance Series with 17 speakers for high fidelity audio experience with surround sound technology.

The new ‘Black Edition’ grade features dark chrome and black exterior accents highlight the front grill and fascia, side fender vents, door mirror caps and rear tailgate strip. The commanding stance is heightened with the addition of dark chrome 22-inch forged alloy wheels. Three stylish interior trim colours are also available; including ‘Graphite’, Saddle Brown’ and ‘Wheat’ with a revised Charcoal Ash Wood accent trim.

With a powerful 5.6-litre V8 engine driving the rear or both axles, the QX80 is a consummate performer in all driving conditions. A smooth-shifting seven-speed automatic transmission seamlessly channels the engine’s ample power and torque reserves for an assured feeling of control behind the wheel. From travelling on the highway, towing a heavy load, or traversing tough off-road passes, the QX80 brings hand-crafted luxury, utility and sophistication for up to eight passengers.

The INFINITI QX80 is a full-size luxury SUV – the flagship of the INFINITI range. It combines bold proportions and a commanding exterior design with a spacious, high quality cabin with room for seven or eight passengers. Effortless performance, advanced drive-assist technologies and taut yet refined dynamics allow for a relaxing and confidence-inspiring drive.