Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Mercedes-Benz Oman takes home “Best Retention Performance” & “Best People Development” awards

TAS News Service

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

MUSCAT : Mercedes-Benz Oman was presented with two awards at the General Distributors Regional Conference 2021 , winning Best Retention Performance and Best People Development categories. Recognizing its outstanding performance within the Passenger Car Division in 2020, Mercedes-Benz Oman remained steadfast in its commitment to exceptional customer service and, investing in upskilling its staff across all disciplines.

“These awards show the significant strides we have made in our customer service, which forms the backbone of our business,” said Shaun Michael, Chief Executive Officer at Mercedes-Benz Oman. “For us, success is more than just quality cars, it’s about building life-long partnerships with our loyal customers, our partners and above all our team of dedicated Mercedes-Benz stars.”

The year 2020 saw Mercedes-Benz Oman continue to take its customer service to new heights, building on a precedent that span over four decades. Reconceptualizing its customer experience journey, Mercedes-Benz Oman transformed its operations to better adapt to modern lifestyles further strengthening its interaction and relationship with customers; while ensuring that their loyalty to the brand remains unwavering. Meanwhile, the company invested heavily in staff training, empowering its employees to improve their skills, pursue their development goals, and contribute to the company’s growth trajectory.