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The Brand new Mazda MX-30: An electric crossover that delivers a unique driving experience

TAS News Service
December 28, 2020 3:07 pm

MUSCAT : With an aim to get closer to people’s lives and to provide them with creative time and space, so that they can live a life that is true to their natural self, Mazda created the MX-30, a machine with a challenging spirit and a natural feel to it.

“Living True To Yourself” is the motto on four wheels that is the Mazda MX-30 electric crossover. Right from the start, the development team behind the Mazda MX-30 wanted to create a car that would become a partner to its owner. A car that would appeal to the driver every time they get behind the wheel. Everything about the model, from the styling that associates with a sense of freedom, to the open-feeling cabin interiors that sets the mind free, the MX-30 is designed keeping the user in mind. 

Despite being an electric crossover with an electric powertrain, the MX-30 promises to still offer that iconic Jinba Ittai principle of having car and driver as one.

The Mazda MX-30 Program Manager, Tomiko Takeuchi had this to say about the philosophy behind the new electric crossover, “For those who desire a life with things that soothe and please the spirit; for those who want to live positively, actively choosing possessions and experiences that, by their own standards, are a match for their lifestyle; for those with the wisdom and inventiveness to tackle problems facing people, society and the earth in their own style, without overextending themselves; and for those who wish to create good times together with the people around them and with people from all over the world. For those customers, the Mazda MX-30 offers a creative time and space that will allow them to live true to their natural selves.”

The relationship between the driver and the car has changed over time. Keeping this in mind, Mazda put forward a “Human Modern” concept for the MX-30, so that people could express their joy with their cars. Based on Mazda’s emphasis on beautiful shape and craftsmanship created with human hands, the MX-30 explores a new direction that closely matches a modern lifestyle. The MX-30 comes with a unique design that embodies “KODO” extension through an unprecedented approach to expression. With the MX-30, Mazda hopes to offer not only a new choice for customers but also new life-enriching ways of using and spending time with and in the car. In addition to the above-mentioned values, the adoption of the freestyle doors not only enhances functionality but opens up a wide range of new and creative uses for the MX-30. Mazda hopes that, in addition to enjoying the drive, customers will use the car creatively and make it truly their own.

For the interior, Mazda valued a sense of openness. The interior space gives drivers a sense of unity, and you can find Mazda’s attachment to the environment, and to interior comfort and craftsmanship, through materials such as Heritage Cork. On top of this, the space created through opening the free-style doors gives a further open-feeling, to stimulate the senses of both the driver and passengers. The MX-30 production team created an open-feeling cabin interior and paid attention in particular to selecting the right materials and showcasing them in ways that bring out their best features. Heritage Cork used in the console tray is designed to emphasise the texture and visual warmth of the material. The door trim features a fibrous material with a texture that seems to contain air, creating a material-based sense of openness within the cabin. Both of these materials are designed to be low-impact and sustainable. The door trim uses fibres made from recycled plastic bottles and the cork is harvested from the bark of trees without felling. On the whole, the comfortable interiors of the MX-30 are composed of environmentally friendly materials.

Talking about the interiors, Tomiko Takeuchi said, “Because the cabin helps you feel focused and positive, you can feel the joy of driving fully, from the bottom of your heart. The car responds faithfully to your steering inputs, and the ride feel is comfortable not only for the driver but for the passengers as well. Even on routine commutes, one can enjoy a pure driving experience that will revitalize both mind and body.”

When it comes to safety, the Mazda MX-30 is equipped with advanced safety technology – Mazda’s i-Activsense suite of safety features. The injury and damage-mitigating brake technology, Smart Brake Support (SBS), adds a collision prevention function at intersections. Another new technology helps in avoiding deviation from the driving lane through monitoring the curb and lane markings. Despite the MX-30 adopting Mazda’s center-pillar-less Freestyle door system, excellent collision safety performance is achieved through a rigid body and structures that efficiently absorb crash energy. In addition, the frame structures pay minute attention to the protection of the high-voltage battery. The MX-30 incorporates these latest safety philosophies and technologies to enable safe and joyful driving.

Shedding light on Mazda’s unique driving experience and Jinba Ittai, Tomiko said, “The MX-30 is our first mass production Electric Vehicle, but we put high priority to pursue a more comfortable and relaxing drive. I, myself love to drive, and feel excited when I drive my car. However, it doesn’t mean I feel the excitement whenever I drive. I feel down when I am busy and tired. In such moments, the cabin with the crafted interiors becomes the go to place to reset your mind, and the very first thing which catches your eye will be the touch panel display. The MX-30 will help you gradually feel positive again with the changing images on the screen making you feel like the car welcomes and accepts you. After we made the car a safe place to set your mind free and to enjoy the drive, we considered maximizing the “Jinba-Ittai” drive philosophy, with accurate speed control and more support for the driver.  This is achieved through Mazda’s human-centric development philosophy. Every time you drive the MX-30, you can experience an enjoyable everyday driving experience.”

Tomiko also spoke about the development process of the MX-30 saying, “The development of MX-30 started 4 years ago. From the very early stages of planning and interviewing of customers, not only the planners, but the designers and sales team were also involved. We inspired each other in different areas, enhancing each others roles. The MX-30 was developed with a strong sense of teamwork. More than anything, I’m proud of my team. The development period was longer than usual for the MX-30. In that time, they never gave up working towards the goal of producing Mazda’s first all-electric vehicle. The product concept is “To be natural,” so I decided to really let go and relax while I worked on it. It wasn’t just me taking on this project—I was going on a journey with my team. I encouraged them to be themselves while developing this product, so the concept of “being natural” reflects naturally in the MX-30. We hope that the car becomes more than just a means of transportation, but hopefully also a space which provides whatever the driver and passengers need. Customers around the world who choose the MX-30 are embarking on challenges in their daily lives and jobs. Many of them work very hard. When our customers look at the MX-30, and touch it, and get in it, I would hope they feel relaxed and composed. I want them to experience that kind of space and time. Once they feel relaxed, I hope they can experience the pure joy of driving.”

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