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TAS ICONS: For Balqees Al Hasani, spreading knowledge is the motto

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

An awesome motivational speaker, a much – loved and so-respected leader who gets the best out of her team without being bossy or fussy, a busy hand involved in charity and community commitments and a sought-after events coordinator, Balqees Sulieman Al Hassani is ever ready for the challenging, multifaceted roles she has been playing with elan.

That comes as no surprise from someone who believes “we can do a man’s job” and exhorts other women to “get ready for any challenge” and discover themselves and feel happy, proud and confident.

Balqees is recognised for her commitment to guide, support and encourage her team at Knowledge Oman to deliver knowledge-driven initiatives and projects in the country.

Knowledge Oman is an award-winning knowledge-sharing platform in the Sultanate, which aims to create, share and promote knowledge across the country for free.

Apart from leading Knowledge Oman initiatives, Balqees also serves as the head of Well-being and student Support Services at Al Sahwa Schools. She is also an inspirational public speaker who focuses on using her knowledge, experience and skills to impact society positively.

A science graduate from Sultan Qaboos University, Balqees has over 15 years of experience in education. She has served in various capacities such as laboratory technician, teacher for general sciences students, pastoral coordinator for the upper secondary school and assistant principal of Al Sahwa Schools.

During her school days Balqees was a promising child and had an excellent track record. When she began her career in education as a lab technician, little did she know the future that awaited her. She slowly moved up the ladder with great motivation, and her colleagues, friends and family supported her.

The greatest inspiration for Balqees is her mother. After her father’s early death, her mother played a major role in her life. “She provided us with all the necessities, security and stability and built confidence in us… she guided us and gave educational support and all the love we needed,” Balqees recalls.

She joined Knowledge Oman as a volunteer and within a short time was promoted as Vice-President. Also, she achieved the Council of International School Accreditation and became an established events coordinator for several NGOs.

Balqees is active in charity and community initiatives and served as a board member of the Handicapped Welfare Association supervised by the Autism Centre.

She is often invited to speak at events and conferences to share her experience and success stories as an inspirational and motivational public speaker.

Balqees encourages the future aspiring women of Oman: “Don’t rely on anyone for validation.”

“Let your action and independence demonstrate that you too can do a man’s job. We have to believe that we can do any job.”

Balqees Al Hasani

“We should stay open-minded and accept any challenge. We should be confident and positive in the way we see things and focus on quality things.”