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ABA students top IB Diploma Programme

TAS News Service
September 3, 2020 6:28 pm

MUSCAT: ABA students shined in the recently held the IB Diploma Programme, the school said in a statement on Thursday.

ABA has a high participation rate, with over 90% of Grade 12 students participating in the IB Diploma, and for those students who participated in the DP, 97% of students passed.

Fatma Hani Al Bahrani has achieved ABA’s third perfect score of 45 in the IB Diploma Programme (DP) which put her in the top 0.2% of IB DP graduates worldwide. Fatma is going to the University College London, to study Information Management for Business.

ABA graduates averaged a score of 35 points which is the equivalent at A-Level of AAA, and the ABA average far exceeded a world average of 29.7 points. The maximum number of points in DP is 45.

“Congratulations go to Fatma Hani al Bahrani who achieved ABA’s third perfect score on the IB Diploma Programme. What’s also unique about Fatma and her Diploma is she received a Bilingual IB Diploma which required her to successfully study two Language and Literature A courses, one in English and the other in Arabic. This fantastic result puts Fatma in the top 0.2% of IB DP graduates world-wide,” ABA said in the statement.

Thomas Dupont achieved a near-perfect score of 44 placing him in the – top 0.83% of IB DP graduates. “This score is a great achievement, and we wish him well on his next part of his journey,” ABA said in a statement.

In addition to these successes, four students scored 43 points to place amongst the top 2% of IB DP graduates globally.

● Ana Sofia Garcia (Columbian) – Ana is off to Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, to study Aerospace Engineering.
● Eren Koca (Turkish) – Eren is off to McGill University in Montreal, Canada, to study Economics.
● Qais Al Lawati (Omani) – Qais is considering his options.
● Rita Yammine (Canadian) – Rita is off to Imperial College London, to study Design Engineering.

This year, 23% of ABA’s graduating class (15 students) scored 40 or more points putting them in the top 8% of global IB Diploma graduates. ABA’s Class of 2020 should be proud of their hard-earned results.

“This has been the most challenging year for our Grade 12 students, but these excellent results demonstrate their commitment to learning, their incredible self-management and their resilience in the face of tough circumstances. It is also a testament to their teachers at ABA, who in March, quickly and seamlessly moved to on-line learning, while maintaining very high standards to ensure fantastic progress for all their students through this most challenging of qualifications. We are extremely proud of the achievements of this cohort, and especially as an example to our future Diploma students that the partnership between ABA teachers and students is incredibly successful, whatever circumstances they may face,” Guy Essex, DP Coordinator, ABA Oman International School

“This is a phenomenal set of results and reflects the resilience and agility of the Class of 2020 to learn in different ways. As an International Baccalaureate World Continuum School, the only school in Oman offering three or more programmes, students develop the characteristics, skills and conceptual understandings to achieve their potential and be successful in the Diploma. Some of the strongest results achieved this academic year have come from students who have benefitted from an ABA education through our Elementary and Middle Schools. Students who start the IB programme in the earlier years – Primary Years or Middle Years Programmes – develop a stronger foundation for learning, enabling them to achieve greater success at the DP level. The extra mile that our teachers and staff go, plus student effort and in addition to the effort from students and support from families, is what provides the conditions for success,” said Simon Walker, High School Principal, ABA Oman International School.

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