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PACP warns pharmacies against increasing face mask prices in Oman

Consumers should immediately file complaint in case of any price hike.

By Gayathri Das
Feb 27, 2020

MUSCAT: Authorities have warned the pharmacies that action will be taken if they try to increase prices for face masks.

The warning comes after a pharmacy in Muscat was shutdown for hiking prices of face masks.

Most pharmacies in Muscat have run out of protective face masks, especially the high quality N-95 mask. The Ministry of Health on Wednesday held an emergency meeting with officials of pharmaceutical companies to ensure that they always keep the face masks and hand sanitisers in stock always.

The Arabian Stories contacted several pharmacies to buy face masks but most of them said that they have run out of supplies. The specialised anti-viral filter mask N-95 has completely sold out, confirmed pharmacists.

Exploiting the situation, a pharmacy in Muscat promoted the sale of face masks at exorbitant prices which led to its immediate closure by the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP). “Exploiting the current condition and raising the prices is unfair and cannot be accepted,” a senior official at PACP told The Arabian Stories on Thursday.

The official said it is illegal to hike prices when there is a high demand with people taking extra precaution against the spread of Coronavirus. “We request customers to immediately lodge complaints if they come across any such acts,” the official added.

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