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Below zero: Significant drop in temperatures across Oman

Saiq in Jabal Akdhar reported -0.5 degrees on Thursday, according to Oman Met department.

TAS News Service
Jan 16, 2020

 Early this week residents in Oman were warned that they could expect cloudy weather as well as dropping temperatures throughout the country, according to Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA).

Cool winter winds saw temperatures dipping to 15 degrees Celsius in places like Muscat this week, the lowest reading in the country was of -0.5 degrees Celsius recorded at Saiq in Jabal Akdhar on Thursday morning. 

Photo by @WeatherOmanya

“I have lived in Oman for ten years and this winter is just something else,” Akash Rajan, a resident staying in Muscat said. 

Residents staying in Jabal Akdhar also reported snowfall on Wednesday morning. Oman also received highest amount of rainfall in the last two days, according to the Met department. 

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