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Passports, boarding pass not needed at Dubai airport

Dubai will soon launch the all new biometric system that will ease the travel.

TAS News Service
Oct 7, 2019

Dubai: Passengers travelling from Dubai will no longer need a passport or boarding pass as the Dubai International Airport is all set to launch the new biometric system, Gulf News reported on Sunday. 

Major General Mohammad Al Merri, General Director of GDRFA-Dubai says the “Biometric Passenger Journey” will ease the travel through Dubai airports in cooperation with Emirates Airline.

As per the report, a pre-screened passenger no longer needs to show passport or boarding pass from the check-in counter to the aircraft. “It is a seamless airport journey in Dubai as passengers will no longer need to show their passports or IDs. Traveller can walk through the terminal to the airplane just by showing his or her face,” Al Merri told Gulf News. 

The new technology is currently under testing and the pilot phase will be launched in a few months.

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