Thursday, December 01, 2022

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Heavy rain in Saudi cuts road to Mecca

Heavy rains in Saudi Arabia have turned into a real menace, causing flight delays and closing the road to Mecca, among other problems.

TAS News Service

Thursday, November 24, 2022

RIYADH- Heavy rains in the coastal city of Jeddah in Saudi have taken a really bad turn on Thursday, causing flight delays, forcing school suspensions, and closing the road to Mecca. Jeddah is often referred to as the “gateway to Mecca,” seeing the convergence of millions of hajj and umrah pilgrims every year. However, the heavy rains have caused flooding on the roads of this coastal city, with social media posts showing partially submerged vehicles stuck on the road.

Schools were suspended as well, as reports suggest heavy rainfall may continue throughout the day. Schools also remained closed in the nearby towns of Rabigh and Khulais for the safety of the students.