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Younis Al Harrasi appointed CEO of Tibiaan Properties

Al Harrasi was the Vice President of Operations in Tibiaan Properties.

TAS News Service

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

MUSCAT: Oman’s most popular real estate company Tibiaan Properties has appointed Younis Al Harrasi as the new CEO, starting from January 2022.

Al Harrasi was the Vice President of Operations in the company after a fruitful career filled with achievements and developments.

“Al Harrasi has managed several departments in Tibiaan and has shown excellent leadership in managing the company projects and introducing innovative work approaches that matches the latest trends which our valued clients look up to.
Through his various roles, Younis has managed to bring success to the company in countless aspects including property sales, investments and property management, furthermore; he will be working to achieve sustainable development, enhancements and overall developments of Tibiaan,” the company said in the statement.

After 18 years of founding, Tibiaan has succeeded to consolidate its presence in the Omani market with a rich journey in providing excellent and quality services which has extended to the various governorates of the Sultanate with a team that has an Omanization rate of 80%.

In an effort to export this Omani brand to the world, Tibiaan Properties will open its first international office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, through which it will serve the interests of investors in both countries to continue its successes in its new international station. In addition to providing consultancy and business development in Oman, Fahad Al Ismaili will lead the operations in the new branch in UAE.

The company had recently announced its celebration of its largest real estate brokerage deal for the year 2021, with a value of OMR 17.5 million, as a result of thriving and continuous work of the company’s team, which enabled to bring direct foreign capital to the Sultanate, proving the confidence of investors and belief in the Omani market and the opportunities that exist in it.

Tibiaan manages today more than 1,600 different residential and commercial units, and provides several services such as real estate brokerage, including sale and leasing, property management and facilities, valuations and advisory services.