Sunday, September 19, 2021

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320,000 students to be vaccinated in Oman: MOH

About 90,000 students from Muscat Governorate will be vaccinated in the next three weeks

TAS News Service

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

MUSCAT: Ministry of Health (MOH) will vaccinate 320,000 students aged 12 and above against COVID-19 from both public and private schools in the country, a top health official said on Tuesday.

Dr. Lamia Al Balushi, Director of the Diseases Surveillance and Control Department at the General Directorate of Health Services in Muscat Governorate, said about 90,000 students from Muscat Governorate will be vaccinated.

“The campaign is witnessing a great turnout from the morning and we expect that it will last three weeks, provided that all students are vaccinated before the start of the school year,” Dr. Lamia said.

“Students with respiratory diseases or those who had contact with people infected with Covid-19 must reschedule immunization appointments,” she added.