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Supreme Committee Live: Some people are refusing to take vaccine due to misleading information, says Minister

TAS News Service
January 14, 2021 11:37 am

MUSCAT: Members of the Supreme Committee is holding a press conference to address the latest developments about coronavirus.

Who are addressing the press conference?

  1. Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi, Minister of Health
  2. Dr. Abdullah Ambusaidi, Undersecretary of Ministry of Education
  3. Dr. Ali Al Jahwari, DG, Education
  4. Faisal Al Busiadi, Asst. GM, Information Technology, Ministry of Education
  5. Amal Al Maani, Ministry of Health

Following are the excerpts from the press conference:

Minister of Health: All precautionary measures are still in effect.
Minister of Health: We hope that we do not see the casualty figures escalate again.
Minister of Health: Our actions determine the direction of this virus
Minister of Health: Our actions determine the direction of this virus
Minister of Health: The arrival of the vaccination does not mean the end of the epidemic
Minister of Health: Our commitment to precautionary measures against the Coronavirus means that we adhere to preventive measures such as wearing a mask and continuous hand sterilization.
Minister of Health: Wearing a mask protects you and others from the risk of exposure to Coronavirus and reflects your concern for public safety.
Minister of Health: The total number of vaccinated people in the Sultanate reached 22749. The total vaccination coverage rate for target groups is 82%.
Minister of Health: Some hesitated not to take the vaccine, which is a legitimate hesitation, but it is not based on scientific information but is related to rumors and false information.
Minister of Health: I took the vaccine and did not face any complications.
Minister of Health: We emphasize the safety and security of the vaccine.
Minister of Health: There is no scientific evidence that the vaccinated person is not a carrier of the disease.
Minister of Health: The decisions of the Supreme Committee are still in effect, and such as wearing masks and gatherings
Minister of Health: During the peak period, the number of cases in intensive care units reached 219, and the decrease in these cases came as a result of everyone’s efforts and commitment to precautionary measures, calling on everyone not to be complacent and to continue adhering to these measures.
Minister of Health: Oman among 42 countries to have received COVID-19 vaccine, thanks to His Majesty.
Minister of Health: There is no scientific proof that the person who was vaccinated is not a carrier of the disease.
Minister of Health: Some people are reluctant to receive the vaccine, which is based on rumours, misleading and false information.
Minister of Health: The Sultanate received 27000 doses of the vaccine
22,000 of them were distributed. In total, the Sultanate booked 370,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine.
Dr. Abdullah Ambusaidi: Complete reopening of schools depends on the epidemiological situation.
Dr. Abdullah Ambusaidi: The gradual return of students to their schools was based on many justifications, the most important of which are the positive results in implementing the health protocol in schools and increasing the empowerment of students in the first cycle of basic skills in reading, writing, numeracy and teaching the new curricula.
Minister of Health: There is continuous communication with those concerned with the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs on the issue of mosques, but we stress that gatherings in the absence of distancing and precautionary requirements are still prohibited.
Minister of Health: Quarantine was changed in most countries of the world from 14 days to 7 days, with PCR test being taken on the eighth day.
Minister of Health: Minister of Health: So far, there is no clear penalty for those inciting to spread rumours.
Dr. Ali Al Jawhari: We would like to assure that school buses are available, the number has been determined according to need, and the bus contracts have been signed. ‎ And the bus driver must provide sterilizers and a thermometer.
Minister of Health: Unfortunately, the virus is still around us and many countries are now affected by a third wave and reaching its peak and thus leading to a great number of new cases.
Minister of Health: There is no medical recommendation to date that the vaccine should be given to those under 16 years of age and pregnant women.
Abdullah Ambusaidi: 14,2162 students will return to schools from January 17 and so far, we have not recorded any cases of students being infected with the Coronavirus, so the situation is reassuring at the level of students.
Faisal Al Busaidi: Indicators show that there is a very high rate of use of educational platforms by schools, and the volume of data has exceeded more than 70 million megabytes, there are more than 150,000 virtual classrooms in which it operates, more than 300,000 active daily users in concurrent classes, and more than 3 million participants.
Minister of Health: The world is connected, so we cannot stop air traffic and not receive travelers from countries where a new strain of the virus has spread.
Minister of Health: When the vaccine is available in the private sector, the ministry will supervise the import, distribution and pricing of the vaccine, and in the current period the categories covered by the vaccination are expatriates and Omanis, free of charge, and in the first period 30 percent of the target groups were expatriates.
Ali Al Jawhari: ‎ Starting next week, there will be a supporting investigation team for the Ministry of Health in schools that will support the main team.
Minister of Health: The obligation to take the vaccine for travel is still under study by the World Health Organization, and no decision has been taken yet.
Minister of Health: If I was not convinced of the vaccine, I would not have allowed it to enter the Sultanate. So far more than 20 million people worldwide have received the Pfizer vaccine and have not shown any serious symptoms yet.
Ali Al Jawhari: The ministry has set among the precautionary measures in buses, so that the load of each bus does not exceed 50% of its capacity.

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