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TAS ICONS: Nadhira Al Harthy, the first Omani woman to scale the Mt Everest

TAS News Service
November 21, 2020 10:34 am

When she began running 4km without fail every day, and 100km sooner, few thought she was aiming for the moon. She kept the real reason that inspired her to pick up a pair of running shoes and excused herself from every other activity that diverted her focus and distorted her dream a secret for two years.

It wasn’t just the moon Nadira was setting her sights on, but the sun, the stars and all other luminous, mystical objects as well you get to hear about stationed in the yonder skies.

There is no better place to do that than the summit of Everest.

Nadhira Al Harthy, the first Omani woman to climb Mount Everest, scaled the heights of her dreams as she set her foot on the highest mountain on earth on May 23, 2019. Her contribution to the National Pride was publicly celebrated across Oman last year.

Recently, she was nominated for the title ‘Oman Woman of the Year 2020 Category: Inspirational Women’ and was also honoured by the National Field Research Centre for Environmental Conservation.

Currently leading the Department of Omani Citizenship at the Ministry of Education, Nadhira is also the regional leader of the Globe Educational Programme for the Omani Youth.

With a master’s degree in geography, Nadhira’s life-changing moment happened in 2017 when she met late Khalid Al Siyabi, the first Omani to summit Everest in 2010. His inspiration led to the beginning of her sheer dedication and intense training. For two years, it was a secret she kept to herself in fear of being discouraged.

“I inspired myself. I stood focused and kept away from all kinds of excuses,” recalls Nadhira, “Everyday, I carried on with my rigorous training.

Initially, I began to run 4km and later on it extended to 100km. I pushed myself physically and mentally. At times, it was hard because I pursued my training constantly and utilised all my free time.”

Before venturing out on her life mission, she attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and Ama Dablam in the Himalayas and also undertook twice the 42km Muscat Marathon as well as the 90km Oman UTMB race.

She began her epic journey to Mount Everest on April 1, 2019, along with three other Arab women − two Lebanese and one Saudi − and their entire expedition was filmed and documented by Canadian adventurer and filmmaker Elia Saikaly in ‘The Dream of Everest’. She reached the summit on May 23, 2019, a momentous day in the history of Oman marking the inception of a new era for Omani women.

She has plans for another mountaineering adventure once the pandemic is over. At the moment she’s in the process of building a women-only Omani team to trek the mountains to enable the dreams of like-minded women.

As a motivational speaker, Nadhira keeps inspiring the youth.
“Have your own dreams. Work hard to achieve them. Follow them and believe in yourself. I hope there will be other women who will continue to achieve and build a future for Oman.

It’s not about yourself but for the next generation. It’s possible to accomplish anything!”

Nadhira Al Harthy

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