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World Heart Day: Be large hearted, for life to spice

By A.V. Manohar
September 29, 2020 3:11 pm

Oh! My Heart! The Divine Heart
The God in all you have brought
Blood you pump in is liquid love
Carries the message of solid Love  

Life is started with your lub dub
As you vibrate in the body’s hub
Rhythm you stop, people do sob
You steer the soul for its next job

You are small, tiny sized to a fist
So active you work without a rest
Made my mind to glow with zest
Of all the organs, you are the best

Touch the heart and tell me later
Words to pull out truth of matter
Have a hearty laugh, a nice advice
Be large hearted, for life to spice
My Sweet heart, a Valentine’s call

Don’t take it to heart when you fall
Heart to heart talk, right medication
To join broken hearts back in action

Hurry worry curry not good for you
Keep stress and strain far from view
Diet and exercise, right prescription
To one whose heart has malfunction

Unity of the Head, Heart and Hands
The clue to climb the victory stands
Heart shows the way to lasting bliss
So we keep it pure for God to bless

Fill the hart with love and kindness
To make our life a seat of goodness
Do work with no reward and return
The lovely lesson heart has written

Oh My heart! Be my fort of fortitude
To face the life with a right attitude
Let me sing your glories in gratitude
Till you take me to Divine’s altitude

About the author: A.V. Manohar is the Chief Executive Officer of Wisdom Business and Training Services based in Muscat.

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