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Oman issues home isolation guidelines for COVID-19 infected patients

TAS News Service

Thursday, July 30, 2020

MUSCAT: Ministry of Health on Thursday issued home isolation guidelines for those patients infected with coronavirus.

Following are the guidelines that must be followed:

  1. Stay in a well-ventilated single room with an attached toilet. Do not go out unless you need to visit a health care institution.
  2. Only one assigned family member should take care of the isolated person.
  3. The caregiver should wear surgical masks and use disposable gloves when attending the isolated person, and should dispose them after use, then wash hands using soap and water immediately.
  4. Visitors and family visits should not be allowed during isolation.
  5. Wash hands as often thoroughly with soap and water.
  6. Avoid sharing household items, like dishes, drinking glasses , and towels with other family members. Household items should be allocated for the isolated person.
  7. The isolated person should clean his room and toilet daily by shaking the soiled linen.
  8. Clean the clothes and other linens used by the isolated person separately and keep them away from the clothes of other people at home.
  9. The home isolation period is for 14 days. The isolated person should not end his isolation unless informed by health care providers who supervise him.
  10. The isolated person should wear surgical masks when visited by a medical team or visit a health care institution.

Non adherence to isolation procedure will make you liable to prosecution according to communicable diseases law 32/2020.