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Oxford coronavirus vaccine generates promising results in early trials

TAS News Service
July 20, 2020 7:24 pm

LONDON: A team of scientists at the University of Oxford released promising results showing their COVID-19 vaccine appears safe in an early-stage study.

The Phase 1/2 results, published Monday in the scientific journal, The Lancet, also showed that the vaccine triggered an immune system response, according to blood samples taken from study volunteers.

ABC News quoted Professor Adrian Hill, director of the Oxford Jenner Institute aa saying: “What we’re reporting today is the result of a phase 1 trial in over 1000 people looking at how well this vaccine performs both in terms of its safety, which is good and its immune responses which are pretty exciting.”

However, experts say only the results of an ongoing, massive Phase 3 study will show if the vaccine really works to protect people from COVID-19 infection. — Agencies

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