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Online delivery jobs: Why Omanis must seize opportunities to accelerate change

TAS News Service
June 29, 2020 4:10 pm

MUSCAT: Experts have welcomed the decision by His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport, to Omanise the online delivery jobs due to the significant rise in e-commerce platforms in the country.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began in Oman, more and more consumers are steering onto e-commerce platforms to make purchases. According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Transport, some of the e-commerce platforms receive almost 15,000 requests for purchases daily in the country and the delivery fees collected from this sector go to illegal, unauthorized, and illegal hidden trade practiced by some expatriates. 

Speaking to The Arabian Stories, a senior official at the Ministry of Transport said: “This (e-commerce industry) is a promising sector and we have seen how it has grown in a short span during this pandemic. But what we have observed is that most of the platforms use expatriates for online delivery and with a significant rise in the use of these platforms, there is a huge employment opportunities for Omanis.” 

Nabeel Al Mamari, who runs a supermarket in Muscat welcomed the decision to Omanise online delivery. “These days we get calls from consumers asking for online delivery and this is an opportunity for locals to take up the profession,” Al Mamari said. 

According to the Ministry, Omanis who are in the delivery profession earn up to OMR 980 in a period of 22 days from just 27-33 requests per day. “If the requests are more then they earn even more. I advise them to seize this moment,” the official said. 

Demand to develop e-commerce platforms growing, says expert  

Robin Sebastian, Marketing and Digital Strategy Director at Mesdac Solutions said the e-commerce trend will continue in future.  “COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the eCommerce industry in Oman significantly by increasing both demand and supply. Residents and citizens got an opportunity to experience the benefits of online shopping during the lockdown period and as a result the number of customers using online shopping has increased significantly over the last few months. The trend is expected to continue in the future,” he told TAS 

According to Robin, Mesdac Solutions has seen an increase in demand from companies to develop new eCommerce platforms. “As an eCommerce website and mobile app development company, we are experiencing a sudden increase in the demand from companies to develop new eCommerce platforms. We expect that, in the coming months, a lot more brands will be going online to tap the new stream of opportunity. Currently, we are developing eCommerce platforms for multiple companies based in Oman. Once the online shopping choices increase then the customers using this shopping method also will grow significantly in the future,” Robin added. 

The Ministry of Transport is currently planning to offer training for those Omanis wishing to join the profession. “We are setting the conditions that will be imposed on these e-commerce platforms which provide delivery services so that they deal with Omani delivery workers only,” the official added. 

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