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Oman’s handling of the coronavirus impressive: Atlantic Council

Atlantic Council of America has praised Oman’s impressive handling to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

TAS News Service
April 4, 2020 9:40 am

Muscat: Atlantic Council of America praised Oman’s impressive handling of containing the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

In an article written by former US Ambassador March J Sievers, Atlantic Council says: “Oman appears to be managing the spread of coronavirus effectively, so far at least with the lowest numbers of deaths and infected persons in the Gulf. Testing is also ramping up, and the controls imposed between regions and the sustained messaging of the public to stay home and maintain social distancing are also likely to produce positive results, especially since over half the number of total cases are within the greater Muscat area.”

On Friday, Oman confirmed 252 coronavirus cases in the country of which 57 have recovered.

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