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Supreme Committee Live: 57 coronavirus cases recovered in Oman says Minister

His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi, Minister of Health says the government may have to lockdown more wilayats if the numbers rise.

TAS News Service
April 2, 2020 11:52 am

MUSCAT: The Supreme Committee tasked with dealing the coronavirus crises is holding the first virtual press conference at the Ministry of Health headquarters.

Catch all the Live updates here:

  1. Health Minister: If early measures were not taken, we would have been 10,000 cases every month and hundreds in intensive care department. 
  2. Health Minister: The level of the virus is still very high and we are running out of beds in intensive care units.
  3. Health Minister: Among the 231 cases, 57 have recovered.
  4. Some countries have sought Oman’s help in providing them with medical supplies for their patients which indicates that the situation across the world is critical: Health Minister
  5. People staying in Muttrah can no longer donate blood until further notice, says Health Minister
  6. Health Minister: We may lockdown more wilayals if the numbers rise.
  7. Health Minister says: The security agencies closed Wilayat Muttrah because it is the epicenter of coronavirus. Community transfer can easily happen there and to avoid that the authorities completely closed Muttrah.  
  8. Health Minister: Among the 231 cases, 20% are in critical condition.
  9. Health workers are on the first line of defences. We have every right to thank them: Health Minister
  10. The infection rate is higher among men ( 53% ) compared to women (47%): Health Minister
  11. Undersecretary of Ministry of Commerce:  There is no shortage for food commodities. 
  12. Undersecretary of Ministry of Commerce: We will launch an online app for Al Mawaleh Fruits and Vegetables Market so that people can shop groceries online and avoid rush.  
  13. Chairman of Public Authority for Radio & Television: Media has a major role in fighting this coronavirus epidemic. Media should help us fight rumours in this current situation.
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