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Covid-19: Just as we closed Muttrah, we may have to lockdown other wilayats in Oman, says Minister

Wilayat Muttrah was closed because it is the epicentre of coronavirus in the country, says Minister of Health.

TAS News Service
April 2, 2020 1:53 pm

MUSCAT: His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi, Minister of Health on Thursday hinted that more Wilayats in the country “may have to be closed” to prevent the spread of coronavirus following the lockdown of Wilayat Muttrah.

Addressing the media virtually along with the Supreme Committee members at the MOH headquarters, Al Saidi also said the security agencies closed and isolated Wilayat Muttrah on Wednesday fearing community transfer. “We have found that Wilayat Muttrah is the focus of coronavirus and based on our investigation, we decided to close the wilayat completely because there maybe community transfer in the area,” he said.

Supreme Committee Live: 57 coronavirus cases recovered in Oman says Minister

According to Al Saidi, more wilayats may have to be closed if the numbers rise in the country. “It’s too early to say this but we may have to take that step to safeguard the people,” he said.

The Minister confirmed that among the total 231 cases, 57 have recovered. However, he also said that 20% of the total infected cases are in critical condition. “Our aim is to reduce the cases to 60% in the coming weeks,” he added. 

Al Saidi also said the Ministry of Health has suspended blood donation campaigns in Wilayat Muttrah

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