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Oman to invest $7 billion in clean water and sanitation

According to a report by Supreme Council for Planning, the Sultanate will spend $7 billion in the next 20 years.

TAS News Service
August 11, 2019

Muscat: Oman will invest $7 billion in the next 20 years to develop wastewater treatment plants and extend sewage network lines across the country, a report by the Supreme Council for Planning revealed.

According to the report, the huge level of investment which will be carried out through the National Strategy for the Use of Tertiary-treated Wastewater 2040 program.

As of 2016, 98.7 percent of the population in Oman benefited from safe drinking water services, with desalinated water accounting for over 86 percent of the total drinking water needs.

“Desalinated water production increased from 196 million cubic meters in 2011 to 311 million cubic meters by the end of 2018,” the report said.

Other sources of drinking water, such as wells, contribute approximately 14 percent. Sanitation and hygiene services cover more than 98 percent of the population in urban areas and 97 percent in rural areas, and as of 2018, 68 wastewater treatment plants were established, producing around 94 million m3/year of tertiary treated wastewater, about 61 percent of which is being used in agriculture, aesthetic afforestation, refrigeration, and injection of coastal aquifers.

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