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Latest International News : Saudi Arabia executes 37 terrorists for planning attacks

Saudi Arabia executes 37 terrorists for planning attacks

37 Saudi nationals were executed for planning terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday

Latest International News : Saudi Arabia executes 37 terrorists for planning attacks

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Saudi Ministry of Interior issued a statement saying that the executions were carried out in Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Al Sharqiya, Al Qassim and Aser.

The accused were charged with forming terrorist groups, planning terrorist acts, including killing security officers using explosives and weapons.

On Monday, 13 terrorists were caught with a large cache of weapons and suicide vests.

According to Spa, all convicted were Saudis.

Their cases were transferred to the court, which found them guilty, and sentenced them all to death.

It is noteworthy that one of them, named Khaled bin Abdul Kareem Al Tourwegi, was crucified.

The strong worded statement said that the ministry will spare no efforts to prevent attacks and will punish those, who dare to harm the security and safety of the people, according to the law.

The names of the executed are:

    1.    Ahmed Ali Hassan Al Rabea

    2.    Ahmed Hussien Ali Al Aradi

    3.    Ahmed Faisal Hassan Al Darweesh

    4.    Jaber Zaheer Jaber Al Marhon

    5.    Hussien Hassan Ali Al Rabea

    6.    Hussien Ali Jasem Al Hamedy

    7.    Hussien Qasim Ali Al Obood

    8.    Hussien Mohammed Ali Al Muslim

    9.    Haidar Mohammed Ibrahim Al Leef

    10.    Khalid Hamoud Jouer Al Farag

    11.    Khalid Abdul Kareem Saleh Al Twegri

    12.    Salem Abullah Awad Al Amry Al Harby

    13.    Saeed Mohammed Saeed Al Scafi

    14.    Salman Amin Salman Al Quraish

    15.    Taleb Muslim Suleiman Al Harbi

    16.    Tahir Muslim Sulaiman Al Harbi

    17.    Abbas Haji Ahmed Al-Hassan

    18.    Abdulaziz Hassan Ali Al Sahawi

    19.    Abdul Karim Mohammed Al Hawaj

    20.    Abdullah Salman Saleh Al-Asreeh

    21.    Abdullah Adel Hassan Al Aujan

    22.    Abdullah Hani Abdullah Al Tarif

    23.    Aziz Mahdi Abdullah Al Rafea Al-Amri

    24.    Ali Hussein Ali Al Ashour

    25.    Ali Hussein Ali Al Muhanna

    26.    Fadel Hassan Abdul Karim Labad

    27.    Mujtaba Nader Abdullah Al Sweikt

    28.    Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Ashour

    29.    Mohammed Saeed Abd Rab Al-Rasool Al-Khatam

    30.    Mohammed Ayed Mohammed Al-Namlan Al-Qahtani

    31.    Mohammed Abdul Ghani Mohammed Attieh

    32.    Mohammed Mansour Ahmed Al Nasser

    33.    Mustafa Ahmed Abdullatif Darwish

    34.    Muntader Ali Saleh Al Sobaiti

    35.    Munir Abdullah Ahmed Al Adam

    36.    Hadi Yousef Reda Al Hazim

    37.    Yousef Abdullah Awad Al Amri