Saturday, February 04, 2023

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French woman pedals 15000km from Paris to India via Oman

Nathaniel Masse, a French psychologist and passionate cyclist, is attempting to travel 15000km from Paris to India via Oman on a bicycle as part of the 'save Soil' campaign.

TAS News Service

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

MUSCAT : Psychologist by profession and a passionate cyclist since childhood, France’s Nathaniel Masse has embarked on a 15000km journey, as part of the ‘Save Soil’ campaign. She arrived at Muscat en route from Paris to India. Masse says that she has always wanted to educate her surroundings about the importance of saving the soil and maintaining its fertility.

Masse says that she was inspired by the ‘Save Soil’ campaign of the Indian environmentalist Sadhguru. She quoted him, saying, “It was an alarm call if we don’t take action now, we will have difficulty in the next 40 years and we will be inadvertently putting our next generation, the children, in danger.”

Nathaniel began her tour on June 21 in London after Sadhguru launched the ‘Save Soil’ campaign. Her journey is set to conclude in February 2023 in the Indian state of Coimbatore.

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