Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Opinion: Where is the knowledge market in Oman?

Knowledge in its own way has become the new economy these days.

By Mohammed Anwar Al Balushi


Monday, January 10, 2022

According to me, half knowledge is dangerous, and complete knowledge isn’t useful until applied. I believe knowledge should be proliferating in an unceasing way.

Benjamin Franklin said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” So, what are we really saying when we speak of knowledge? Although we are trying to relate knowledge to data and information. Knowledge in its own way has become the new economy these days.

Alan Webber rightly, said that — in the end, the location of new economy is not in any technology, be it microchip or global telecommunications network, but it is in human minds.

That said, where is the knowledge market in Oman? What is the price of this knowledge? Do we have knowledge sellers and buyers? Who is the knowledge broker?

The knowledge buyers aka ‘knowledge seekers’ are always striving for even a little knowledge to solve a problem. Whenever I read this, I think about the story of Pathman, from Q-Net, who drove from Malaysia to Singapore to meet ‘Datto’ for knowledge.

Knowledge sellers are those who sell their knowledge in return for salary from organisations. At this point, it is up to organisations, and recruitment teams to provide the best knowledge to meet the organisation’s needs. Some of the best knowledge owners are the ones who keep knowledge for the best market at the best rate. In this scenario, power will be played between the buyer and seller. It is a critical area to deal with such knowledge.

Often called the ‘gatekeepers,’ knowledge brokers are one of the missing links in the knowledge market. A knowledge broker is a conduit between sellers and buyers of knowledge.

It can be found in Oman in both profit and non-profit organisations, where employees apply the knowledge they have gained. There is a problem with knowledge management in organisations, which I think shouldn’t be a difficult task to tackle. In the end, knowledge is a tool for conjuring better outcomes for countries and organisations — this must be addressed. Organisations should, in my opinion, know how to manage what they know.

In Oman, I wish knowledge would reverberate on every street, every village, every house, just as in the past, knowledge flowed from the schools of Plato, Arosto, Suqrat, and many others.

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