Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Oman: Basic public amenities to be established on the road to Al Mazunah Free Zone

TAS News Service

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

MUSCAT: H.E. Sheikh Bakhit bin Salim Al Mashani, Wali of Al Mazyunah, held a meeting with Said bin Abdullah Al Balushi, Director General of Al Mazunah Free Zone, with the aim of strengthening the cooperation between the free zone, the Wali’s office, and the relevant bodies. The meeting was attended by a number of officials representing government, security and service bodies in the wilayat of Al Mazyunah. The officials underscored the execution plan of basic public facilities and truck stops on the main road between the border crossing and Al Mazunah Free Zone in order to provide a variety of services needed by the truck drivers.

The meeting also discussed the proposed formation of a joint committee that includes a number of government, service and security bodies to follow up on joint projects between the wilayat and Al Mazunah Free Zone. The officials then visited the proposed sites of the planned service facilities to oversee the final preparations for the construction process.