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Madayn Industrial Academy conducts lecture on digital transformation

TAS News Service
February 22, 2021 2:27 pm

MUSCAT: The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn, represented by Madayn Industrial Academy, organised a virtual awareness lecture on ‘Digital Transformation Management’ as part of a series of programmes held to develop the skills and capabilities of human cadres in Madayn’s various industrial cities. 

Delivered by Dr. Yaqoob Al Bulushi, the programme highlighted several topics related to digital transformation including the challenges facing the process and ways to overcome them, methodology for implementation of digital transformation to meet the needs of the organisations, and development of digital transformation strategy.

Al Bulushi explained that organisations are formed in different periods to do different tasks, and as time passes, they expand with more hierarchical structure. Ultimately, Al Balushi emphasised, an organisation’s requirements, duties, and responsibilities evolve, and the current role may require new communication and coordination approaches among employees. “This may demand advanced technologies, different thinking modes, problem-solving skills, new methods for developing the capabilities of the employees, and development of policies, enterprise architecture, portfolio management strategy, and strategic plans,” he elaborated.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Madayn Industrial Academy was established in 2019 to offer training opportunities for the national cadres to enhance administrative, financial and technical skills, raise their productivity, provide value adding services to the investors in the industrial cities, and provide new job opportunities for the national cadres. Madayn Industrial Academy organises a series of training programmes and events that address trending topics and challenges locally and globally. The academy also organises training-for-employment in cooperation with the concerned bodies in this field. Madayn aims through the academy to develop the skills of the national cadres through providing scientific and practical training opportunities to the cadres in order to meet the needs of the industrial sector.

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