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ACCA students supported by Bank Muscat continue excellent performance

TAS News Service

Sunday, February 21, 2021

 MUSCAT: Bank Muscat, the leading financial services provider in the Sultanate, has announced that the Omani youth supported by the bank in completing the Chartered Certified Accountant course by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) are continuing to make good progress in their course. Earlier the bank had joined hands with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) to provide scholarships for a number of Bachelor’s degree holders to complete this internationally-recognised accountancy course. The ACCA course prepares entry and mid-level professionals to work in any aspect of finance or management. The Omani youth in the programme have shown great enthusiasm and passion for their studies and in developing their skills, which will contribute to the better qualification and skills enhancement of human resources in the banking and financial sector in the Sultanate. The participants supported by the bank have achieved remarkable results with many of them ranking among the highest globally and the GCC region. The group performance in all the examinations of ACCA subjects has surpassed global benchmarks.

Speaking about the excellent progress made by the students, Fajer Ahmed Salim Al Akhzami, who scored high marks in different subjects, said: “The ACCA programme is one of the most important courses in finance and accounting. Bank Muscat is supporting so many students to complete this course and helping us acquire specialised skills and knowledge. We are grateful to the bank for getting this excellent opportunity and hope that we will be able to gain this well recognised certification with the highest grades possible. Completing this programme will have a major impact and help us advance in our professional careers.” 

Zulekha Shamis Al Kiyumi, another achiever from the programme, said: “Bank Muscat has always accorded top priority for human resources development and I am grateful for this support from the bank to do my ACCA certification. Through my ACCA studies, I have been able to gain a lot valuable insights and skills. I am confident that this certification will be of great help in my career, and for the development of Omani human resources in the country.”

Nusaiba Yaqoob Al Manji, who achieved excellent results in the programme, said: “Through the ACCA programme, Bank Muscat has helped us to enhance our knowledge in accounting and finance. This will positively improve our professional performance as we have learnt many examples, rules and regulations as well as procedures in finance and accountancy. The experience of continuing our studies on modern banking and finance through an online platform has been a wonderful experience and we promise to exert more efforts to graduate with the best results and continue our success at the leading financial services provider in Oman.”

Speaking about her good progress in the ACCA programme, Aisha Moosa Abdul Rahman Al Moosa said: “The training programme is running in an excellent manner despite all the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a unique and enjoyable learning experience. I am grateful to Bank Muscat for organising this training and supporting me in my dream of becoming an ACCA-certified professional. This will greatly help me in the future and I see this training as an important step in my future career.” 

Bank Muscat’s HR practices focus on creating, nurturing and supporting people to meet the ambitious growth plans of the bank, through a wide variety of initiatives that covers all stages of employee life cycle. The bank has always accorded top priority for human resources development and earmarks substantial funding every year for the training and development of its employees across all job functions and roles. The bank’s Jadara Academy provides a comprehensive platform and framework for all staff learning and development programmes. Bank Muscat has also adopted innovative strategies to equip Omani employees to take up leadership positions in tandem with future challenges. 

Continuous investments are being made to build human capacity in an effort to derive maximum mileage out of its HR processes. As part of its crucial support for national goals, opportunities are also available for Bank Muscat staff to pursue part-time diploma/Bachelors programmes at local colleges and universities as well as post graduate programmes at leading international business schools. Bank Muscat had 3,779 employees as of end-December 2020 and enjoys an Omanisation of 95 percent. It is a matter of pride for Bank Muscat that most of its senior and middle management have been promoted from within the bank’s own employees.