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TAS ICONS: We’re strive everyday to provide comfort, says Sohar Poly Industries chief Nadeem Azeemi

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

The chair or sofa you are settling into comfortably and leafing through this book may be crafted by the business smarts and innovation skills of this expatriate business leader who has rolled out a range of posh, modern poly products fashioned with the culture and tradition of the region in body, build and spirit to suit any situation or occasion.

Muhammad Nadeem Azeemi is a successful business leader well known among Pakistan diaspora in Oman.

Azeemi has overseen the growth of Sohar Poly Industries and within a decade he effectively introduced his products to other GCC countries as well after his spectacular success in Oman and the UAE.

Sohar Poly Industries, set up in 2008, has grown into a massive player in Oman’s poly products industry thanks to the mastermind behind it. A leading manufacturer of top quality foam and furnishing products, the company has its head office and manufacturing unit based in Sohar with a branch office in Dubai. The company specialises in the manufacture of all types of mattresses, sofa sets, hotel and restaurant furniture as well as customised furniture.

Having vast experience in the field of fabrications and gas metal arc welding projects, Azeemi found a market for home comfort products and added a new dimension to his business.

He commenced with the production and supply of mattresses, beds, pillows, comforters and other sleep-comfort products. Then he slowly introduced a new product line for spring mattresses and medical mattresses as well.

“There have been quite a few ups and downs… We are striving to provide comfort and style in our products in line with the culture and tradition of the region.”

Nadeem Azeemi

We are well on our way to scaling new heights,” Azeemi sounds confident.

The firm also currently produces a range of polyurethane foam products including foam sheets, foam mattresses, bonnel and pocket spring mattresses, sofa sets and divan beds. Their brands comprise Homcom, Urbano, Resttech and Sohar Mattress.

The company has in-house carpentry with all joinery facilities for the wooden structures for beds and sofa sets. It has a huge network of retailers spread across the GCC countries, as well as expertise in supplies to projects requirements. The company is also planning to open its own branded retail outlets in the GCC to market its products soon.

The Sohar Poly factory, located at the Sohar Industrial area in an area of 60,000sqm, has established itself as a reliable mattress and sofa set supplier in the Middle East. The modern, elegant and customised models have been in great demand at home and abroad.

The wide product range and innovative designs coupled with ready stock and quality packaging have endeared it to the customers. The high proportion of repeat customer base is ample testimony of the great quality and services that the company has been delivering thus far.

“Sohar Poly Industries is committed to a policy of continuous improvement and innovation for providing quality products to customers,” says Azeemi.