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TAS ICONS: Thinking big is the key to success, says Shabu Gopi

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

The business firm he founded that helps clients in Oman and other countries in the region as well as Europe and elsewhere sort out system crashes runs on an operating system that is amazingly fail-safe.

Passion is the crucial component of that OS and cool commitment, unflappable patience and unruffled confidence are the device drivers. Put together, they work towards ensuring an infallible performance for his satisfied customers.

Shabu Gopi has cultivated a reputation for being reliable and successful in each of his varied areas of expertise over his 20 years of professional experience. He is a seasoned technopreneur with experience in various fields, including technology, lean management, sales, marketing and strategic planning. A business mentor, he helps companies remodel their business activities and bring profit to the organisations.

Shabu Gopi has extensive technical skills related to data centre management, security solution implementation and establishment of various software solutions.

Shabu is the managing director of Innovative Systems Middle East (Insysme), a diversified IT business-house functioning in the areas of data centre, telecom solutions and enterprise software applications, which he founded in 2015. Since the company’s inception, Shabu’s masterful direction has transformed Insysme into a name that is recognised and respected in Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

Within a year of operation the company was generating profits and became the GCC distributor for multiple American and European solutions. “Every business is run on a strategy and thankfully whatever we have laid out over the years has turned fruitful,” Shabu says.

“I would like to see Insysme become the best IT-supporting company in Oman and the wider regions in which it has a presence. Having been based out of Muscat for over 14 years I see it is a resilient and promising place where the local people are enterprising and incredibly talented,” he says.
Partner companies have recognised Shabu’s contributions at Insysme through numerous accolades. One such award is the prestigious Data Centre Partner Award from Rittal, Germany, gained through his visionary leadership in implementing the first of its kind data centre in Oman.
Insysme was also recognised by Alfresco, USA, as the Best Middle East Innovation Technology Partner for its vital role in implementing the first document management solution in Oman using Alfresco’s solutions. The Royal Oman Police has also bestowed Best Supportive Partner Award upon Insysme for its work. Other recognitions include the coveted UCS Partner Award from Cisco and an exclusive technology partnership signed with Datamount, Oman, for various solutions.

Having established Insyme into a multinational company in a short span of time, Shabu’s success mantra is his uncompressing commitment to work.
“Passion towards work, uncompromising commitment and unshakeable self-confidence are the foundation stones of success in the business world. These are the principles which have guided me ever since I started my professional journey. Without passion, work becomes a chore or an obligation. It is only when work becomes passion that we can elevate our projects to the highest success,” he notes.

Shabu, who lives with his wife Smitha Mary Oommen and two school-aged children Sharon Juliana and Jayden Sam, thanks his family for the success. “My wife has been instrumental in the early success enjoyed by Insysme as she played an active role in the founding days of the organisation,” he says.
What is his message to the budding entrepreneurs? “Sometime there are difficulties and failures where we don’t have support from the people around us.

“We need to be patient and unshakably confident in our vision. It is this steadfastness that will allow our venture to surpass the lean times and emerge as a success at the other end.”

Shabu Gopi

In the coming months, his company plans to train more Omanis in the field of IT. “We want to see them (Omanis) doing well in this sector,” Shabu adds.