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TAS ICONS: Oman has a lot to offer to the world, says Husain Baomar

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November 21, 2020 3:21 pm

Born into a business family he could have taken the shortest, surest and downright comfortable route to being a business leader by joining the family business right after he graduated as a network engineer, but he chose to equip himself with hands-on experience working in other companies and to add a slew of degrees to his educational profile in the process before following in the family footsteps.

“It took me some time to get completely involved in the family business. After graduating as a network engineer, I took a detour and joined the HR department of National Gas Company Oman. Following that I joined Oman Oil Company in their retail department. I even worked in the HR department for some time. I was also offered a scholarship to study HR in the University of Cambridge. After completing the course, I came back and joined the family business,” says Husain Baomar.

Husain realised there were areas of business management that he was not proficient in and went on to do a course in business studies. He followed this up with another course, this time in accounts and finance.

Hailing from a business family, the intricacies of running a business is second nature to Husain. This has helped him develop a sharp acumen and a bevy of successful businesses over the last few years.

It was in 2007 that he eventually took over the reins of the family business. One of the first business entities that he got into was Maxx International, a renowned company that supplies building products in not just Oman but the MENA region.

Being a venture capitalist, Husain went on to add more businesses to his portfolio. These include SainBags, Akeed App, Mirage Marketing, Desert Flame, The Enchanted Garden, Pt Saesha Bunga Indo & Real Estate.
Over the years, Husain expanded his business to the MENA region as well as to international markets.

“As business owners, we need to study, analyse and fully understand the trends that affect our world and the impact they have on our businesses. These trends are not just numbers in our portfolio, it’s the key to making our business a successful one in the future,” says Husain.

A nature lover, Husain feels strongly about environment and how we treat our habitat. “I grew up on farm surrounded by nature. Moreover, I hail from Salalah where nature is at its best. I try to avoid using plastic as much as possible and engage in activities that help keep environment clean. I am learning new ways to reduce the toxic impact, greenhouse emissions, and all other harmful things that destroy our planet. I feel this will help us innovate and work on ideas that were simply hiding in plain sight,” says Husain.

His interest in environment is what led to the creation of SainBags. Crafted from biodegradable and compostable raw materials, SainBags came about when Husain got wind of a research project a few college students in Indonesia were working on to replace plastic. After four years of R&D, SainBags was created and today includes environment-friendly bags and lifestyle products.

Being able to represent Oman internationally is a matter of pride for Husain and he feels more businesses should do it. “We should go beyond the borders and represent Oman in the international market. We have a great pool of resources as well as businesspeople.

“Oman is at a strategic location from where we can do business across the globe. I feel we are very blessed. We are respected as a country around the world. People are warm and welcoming. We should go out into the world and show what Oman has to offer.”

Husain Baomar

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