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TAS ICONS: Holistic education is the future, says Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel

TAS News Service

Friday, November 20, 2020

Blend a profound personal passion for mentoring and change-making with towering professional strengths of a business executive and leader— what you have now is essential colours to construct an engaging, true-life portrait of Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel on any canvas — administrative, educational, industrial, technological, social or cultural — you love.

Dr. Sam wears many hats with enviable gusto and grace — a business designer, an organisation mentor, a public speaker, a teacher, etc. — but the one that he loves the most could be that of a change-maker if we go by the enthusiasm he has shown towards drafting and implementing a new course for the students of Indian schools in Oman.

If everything works to plan, the initiative to reform the curriculum will usher in a new, bright purpose and reality for the students where they no longer need to burden themselves with the boring, primitive routine of learning by rote that actually prepared them for nothing in their future lives.

Dr. Baby Sam, serving a second term as a community-elected member of the board of directors, heads the consortium that oversees the functioning of 21 Indian schools and a special education centre (CSE) in Oman.

Committed to the advancement of education and inculcation of a holistic approach to learning he was instrumental in drafting a course for the schools, titled Vision 2020, that promotes the transition of the grade-focused curriculum to one that equips children with the knowledge, skills and well-being to find their identity and purpose in life.

“Vision 2020 is a set of betterment goals that the board adopted when we began our term in 2018, with holistic education as the underlying theme. As the board, our ultimate vision is to ensure that every child from our schools shall undergo transformative learning and be equipped with the knowledge, skills and well-being to find their identity and purpose in life. For this, K-12 schooling needs to evolve from grades-focused rote learning to child-centric holistic education. The biggest highlight of our term is that we have made definite inroads into this goal…we have been able to implement a record number of new initiatives and have laid down the framework for this transition,” says Dr. Baby Sam.

“Some of the initiatives include implementation of new advisory bodies such as academic committee; manuals such as academic manual; skill development programmes for children such as leadership training, entrepreneurship club, STAI (Science, Technology & Innovation fest), Avenir, a career and knowledge fest, even a film fest & workshop, ISO-VLE, a virtual learning platform that empowers students to take charge of their learning, platforms like ISQuiz which combine fun and learning; Here4ULet’s Talk, the 24*7 tele-counselling service; the international resource development trainings, etc.

We have also had milestones such as the opening of new school ISB, a facility that was built on the concept of child-centric learning. One of the highlights this year has been quick and efficient transition to remote learning, ensuring academic continuity despite the many challenges faced by Indian schools,” he adds.

Care and Special Education (CSE), a facility for special needs children associated with the Indian School Muscat, underwent an extensive overhaul under the chairmanship of Dr. Baby Sam that included upgrading the infrastructure to meet current needs and global standards, bringing specialised educational equipment and attaining ISO 9001:2015 certification for the centre, becoming the first Indian school in Oman to receive such an accreditation.

There are many hats that Dr. Baby Sam wears. He is the general manager of InterTech LLC; business designer and organisation mentor for Trifoil Advertising & Publishing SAOC; organisation mentor, Studio T, Oman; and the vice-chairman and director of the board of directors of Knowledge Oman. Yet, it is learning and imparting knowledge that he is most passionate about.

“I have always loved to teach and share whatever insights I could. In the past, I have had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer which I had greatly enjoyed and which, over the years, has translated into forays in business mentoring and public speaking. In the case of educational leadership, as with my roles in Knowledge Oman and the Indian schools’ board, these offer a unique opportunity to combine this personal passion for mentoring and change-making with my professional strengths as a business executive and leader,” says Dr. Baby Sam.

Dr. Baby Sam who has made Oman his home for close to two decades admires the peace and tranquility the nation offers.

“Throughout these years, I have experienced the warmth and hospitality that Oman is world-famous for and I have always known that the residents reciprocated this love for the country.”

Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel

“Last December, seeing the outpouring of love on social media when the entire country prayed for the recovery and health of the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos is a moment that I will never forget,” he says.