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Omani women playing greater role in nation building: Council of Ministers statement

TAS News Service

Saturday, October 17, 2020

MUSCAT: On the occasion of Omani Women’s Day, the Council of Ministers has issued a statement.

Here’s the statement from the Council of Ministers:

“The Sultanate’s celebration of Omani Women’s Day on the October 17 every year is an embodiment of the attention and honour that women have enjoyed since the dawn of the blessed renaissance in support of their efforts side by side with men in the comprehensive development paths the country is witnessing.
Women have participated in constructive roles in the national work, and have strengthened their achievements in various sectors of work in the government, the public and private sectors, and they have ably performed their role in representing the Sultanate with regional and international participation.
The Council of Ministers congratulates women on this occasion to express its deep appreciation to all mothers for their essential and important role in forming and maintaining a righteous family, raising the competence of its members, and preparing successive generations to participate in preserving the achievements of the past decades.

The Council wishes Omani women more success in carrying out all their responsibilities and continuing their contributions for Oman.