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Oman’s health ministry tightens spending, to cut costs by reducing workers, cancelling contracts

TAS News Service

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

MUSCAT : As part of its cost-cutting measures, the Ministry of Health has issued a circular reducing the workers in some professions and cancelling contracts.

According to a circular issued by Dr Fatima Al Ajmi, the Undersecretary for Administrative, Financial and Planning Affairs, the cost-cutting also include reducing the number of cleaners by at least 20% of the total contracts, reducing the number of technicians by a similar percentage, and reducing the number of security guards in health institutions.

The circular also stated that the number of rented vehicles will be reduced by 20%-25% of the current numbers. MOH is also studying the consumption of electricity and water and working to reduce it by 20% -30% of the current levels.

MOH also cancelled the rental contracts of trucks and replaced it with based on the cost of each trip.

The circular also banned buying or replacing office furniture and “cancelling garden contracts and preserving green spaces through service contracts instead of providing garden workers.”

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