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Oman to introduce performance rating system for schools

As a start 37 private schools will implement the rating system.

TAS News Service
Feb 16, 2020

MUSCAT: A performance rating system to evaluate the quality of education will be introduced across all private schools in Oman, according to an official at the Ministry of Education.

As part of testing, the system will be first implemented in 37 private schools in all governorates before it is expanded to other schools.

Speaking about the new system, Sulaiman bin Hamood Al Harassi, Advisor at the Ministry of Education for research, who is tasked with the job said the rating system received the backing of Dr Madiha bint Ahmed Al Shaibani, the Minister of Education.

Schools, according to Al Harrasi are rated based on national and international accreditation criteria. The execution of the project will begin on Sunday, February 16 till April 23, 2020.

“As part of executing the project, we have conducted a number of training sessions for private schools. This rating system will positively reflect on the level of academic achievement of students,” he noted.

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