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Indian School Muscat Alumni awards scholarships to 50 students

The 50 recipients of the scholarships will be informed and the funds will be transferred directly into their student fee accounts.

TAS News Service
August 20, 2019

Muscat: The Indian School Muscat Alumni (ISMA) has awarded tuition fee scholarships to 50 ISM Students from low-income families through their KINDLE Initiative. Mukund Manohar and Chethan Mallya from the ISMA Leadership team and Sachin Toprani from the School Management Committee presented the scholarship award to the ISM Student Council and the Principal.

ISMA’s goal is to create opportunities to give back to the school and support the school community and its students. The ISMA team believes that there is no greater pursuit than education. Education helps build a foundation on which we build our lives and it is with this vision that ISMA launched the KINDLE Initiative and established this scholarship fund.

Through its various events during the year, ISMA was able to raise funds for this scholarship fund, which received the support from alumni and well wishers of ISM. In 2018, the ISMA team also gave out tuition fee scholarships to 16 students of ISM who come from low income and deserving families. 

The 50 recipients of the scholarships will be informed and the funds will be transferred directly into their student fee accounts. The names of the winning students will be kept confidential, with the ISM Principal administering the award process. 

The Scholarship awardees were selected using criteria that gave preference to students with a single parent and with very low or no income. Academic performance was also an important factor when selecting the final awardees.

Speaking on the occasion, Mukund Manohar, President of ISMA, noted that “We at ISMA hope that this scholarship will make an impact in the student’s educational pursuits. We ask from the awardees that in the future when they are in a position to do so, to pay it forward and carry on the tradition of supporting other students in their academic goals.”

ISMA’s scholarship program is a continuous initiative and ISMA hopes that this start helps gets the word out to all their Alumni worldwide. Their goal is to raise scholarship funds through various events and also through their Kindle Initiative that provides a platform for alumni and well-wishers to contribute directly to this fund

Chethan Mallya from the ISMA Executive Team said, “The goal of giving back to the deserving students and supporting this noble education initiative, inspires all the alumni to pitch in and help out in every way possible. Our various events have helped bring the entire alumni community together, creating new relationships and forging old ones. Our alumni have been a great source of inspiration and support for our initiatives. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our well-wishers and friends who have supported us in this meritorious cause through their time, efforts and monetary support”. 

Mukund Manohar also added, “ISM is our home and it is our moral duty to take care and give back to our alma mater. As alumni of ISM, we all have the responsibility in preserving value and inspiring excellence with the school we all cherish. We want to ensure that children continue to receive quality education in ISM irrespective of their economic stature. We started off by seeking to change the conversation on what an alumni community is capable of, and today we are making our ideas a reality.”

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