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New homeowners in Oman to pay OMR 700 for water connection

The fee will increase depending on the size of the residential land.

TAS News Service
July 10, 2019 8:00 am

MUSCAT: New homeowners will have to pay at least OMR 700 for water, according to a decision made by the Public Authority for Water (Diam).

According to the regulation, the fee for connecting drinking water services to residential lands with an area of less than 2,000 square meters is set at OMR700. 

The fee will increase depending on the size of the residential land.

Diam said that the fee only applies to new homes and does not include homes that already receive drinking water services.

A Diam official told the Times of Oman: “Previously the fees of delivery drinking water service were determined by the company which awarded the tender, that fee may start at OMR 60 then the cost increased depending on the distance, location and the actual cost of delivery work.” 

In an online statement, Diam said: “The fees for connecting the new drinking water service reflect the actual average cost of extending the networks in the plannings only. The components of the water system, which include the main water pipes, pumping stations, collection tanks, and main distribution lines.

“There is no need to pay any amount when submitting a request for delivery, but a fee was placed for residential properties worth OMR10 added to the value of monthly consumption in the water bill and for only 70 months. The total cost of other commercial, industrial, and government uses shall be paid at once upon delivery.

“The authority also stated that individuals receiving social security will be exempt from paying the OMR monthly fee.”

“In line with our social responsibility, we have worked in coordination with the Ministry of Social Development, and came to the agreement that the Authority shall bear the monthly cost of OMR10 for social security members upon submission of the application,” the authority added.

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