Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Acne: Causes, treatment, and tips

Severe acne can cause depression along with other skin related symptoms.

Dr. Sahana Gowda


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Acne is an extremely common skin problem, worldwide. It usually affects teenagers, but can occur in a wide age group. It is found both in males and females, and can be mild or severe depending on many factors. 

Mild acne is usually found in face, chest or back commonly. These can be treated with simple creams and by maintaining good skin hygiene. 
Moderate acne may affect face and other body parts. They are usually painful and cause dark coloured spots on skin, which distresses the patients. Moderate acne needs a longer period of treatment. Combination of creams, oral tablets and chemical peels help in such patients. 

Severe acne, which unfortunately is also commonly seen, causes depression along with skin related symptoms. Severe acne has to be dealt with aggressive treatment from the beginning. Patients must be explained about the nature of treatment. The treatment takes few months. A combination therapies like appropriate cream, tablets, peeling sessions, advice on diet, psychological counselling will help.

In dermatology, recent advances in treating acne are specific anti acne peels and laser, for post acne marks.  Anti acne peels reduce fresh acne and can be performed on face, chest and back. They also help in getting a uniform, non-oily skin. 6-8 sessions maybe needed for good improvement. 

Lasers, benefit for acne and also the pigmented spots. Laser also helps in skin rejuvenation, thus benefiting the patient. Acne, need not be suffered and can be treated successfully. Dermatologist consultation and advice is useful in all cases.

Dr. Sahana Gowda is a dermatologist in Amara Dermatology Clinic. She can be reached at amara.aesthetics@gmail.com