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Oman’s first pop-up Turkish restaurant opens at Al Bustan Palace Hotel

With tea service available until late, diners can enjoy the evening under traditional colorful glassed Turkish lanterns.


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, will transport guests to the land of the Crescent Moon as they delve into an authentic culinary Turkish experience through the finest cuisines at its new seasonal restaurant and lounge, Turkuaz.

From the 27th February to 4th June 2019, Turkuaz’s culinary team led by Chef Okan Demir, Chef de Cuisine, including visiting chefs Ali Ozkan and Alper Kizilbayir from The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul will enrich pallets with a variety of rich and flavorful signature dishes.

With tea service available until late, diners can enjoy the evening under traditional colorful glassed Turkish lanterns. Also open for Suhoor throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, the restaurant and lounge will provide guests with a fulfilling pre-fasting meal to be enjoyed the Turkish way, with family and friends.

With turquoise at its core, a historic symbol of wealth and opulence, the space is inspired by Ottoman traditions. Everything from Turkish weaved carpets, decorative calligraphy, painted ceramics and elaborate architecture that dominated the region have been infused into the restaurant’s décor.

“Turkish cuisine is considered to be one of the most sophisticated from around the world. With a fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and Balkan influences it carries with it centuries of history that can be felt in each bite. The opening of Turkuaz will allow guests to experience the magnificence culture and traditions that were once sought out by people from around the world,” said Katrin Herz, General Manager at Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. “We want our guests to indulge in a truly authentic dining experience and take in the diverse yet distinct culture that once enriched one of the most powerful empires of our history.”

Guests can experience traditional cuisine inspired by ingredients found within the region, including a number of locally harvested produce, together with meat, spices, and herbs. Signature dishes include ‘Icli Kofti’ better known as stuffed meatball, ‘Etli Manti’, traditional dumplings, ‘Adana Kebab’, hand-minced meat kebab mounted on iron skewer and grilled on charcoal and the famous ‘Firin Sutlac’, rice pudding. After dinner, guests can immerse themselves in a daily cultural practice and sip on traditional Turkish tea which is offered to others as a sign of friendship.

With its heritage stemmed from nomadic traditions, Turkish hospitality is a significant aspect of the culture that has been imprinted and passed down generation after generation. At Turkuaz guests are welcomed to experience a level of warmth together with the finest food as they create memories that will never be forgotten.