Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Here is your fashion & style guide for 2024 from Amal Al Raisi’s Spring-Summer ‘24 collection  

Decoding Amal Al Raisi's Spring-Summer ‘24 collection - a perfect allusion to Oman’s rich culture.

By Meenu Prasad

Friday, October 20, 2023

Amal Al Raisi, a well-known Omani fashion designer, has proved that she has understood women of Oman as well as the Omani culture. Her new runway collection, consisting 40 different looks, makes it readily apparent that she recently flaunted the new collection to rave reviews.

Amal Al Raisi has developed both a new elegant set of patterns and collections with a complementing colour palette that has the ability to safeguard your spring-summer chic style. 

Starting with the show stopper collection: Amal’s flowing creations in a sensational palette of hot pink, yellow cream, off white, and deep violet with a hypnotic slow rush stripe like pattern and equal and imbalanced gaps and distances were displayed by models who were flanked by exquisite exhibits of the designer’s signature curation on the modern outlook to Sabaiyas. 

Amal highlighted the growing evolution of Omani women’s fashion choices with the new collection for the spring and summer 2024 by combining Sabaiya classy wear for various occasions. With the help of this harmonised contrast pattern and colour game, she has created outfits that would be appropriate for formal events, social gatherings, or a fresh dinner date. 

The collection is redefined with a modern twist to traditional fashion, with a few pieces having timeless collars and Amal Al Raisi’s touch to sharpen the edges and make a few good necessary cuts on the sleeves and neck line. She chose to keep the colours delicate, bolstering the conventional hues of sabaiya for these designs – which seemed more meant to a targeted audience. That is, women from Oman who like to experiment with traditional clothing; one that isn’t extremely fashionable, but nonetheless stylish. 

It was thoughtful of Amal to create a line by using a straightforward yet stylish strategy to keep the hopes and spirits of conservative women lit.

The single tone collection’s second line had a design change that was specifically made for people who cherish the colours red, mauve, and beige. It was stylized with twists and turns. This tie-back, knotted collar sabaiya, with huge slits on the sleeves, may be of interest for people seeking to spice up the classic sabaiya. It might make a true fashionista step out from the regular sabaiya accent. 

It’s time to gear up the Arab stylist in you!