Saturday, February 04, 2023


Exploring Fins, Oman’s magical pebble beach

With summer sun softly pulling its shutters down to make way for cool winter months, now is the time to head out to Fins, Oman’s magical pebble beach.

By Suzy Fontes

Friday, October 21, 2022

MUSCAT : Fins beach, located on the Amerat-Sur Highway, opens up a panorama of strikingly white sands and intriguingly pebbly beach, with sparkling turquoise waters and soft cool breeze.

As a popular weekend spot, Fins, usually, is a busy camping area, more so during the winter months. But the long stretch of beach has little nooks that can turn into camping or picnic spots, presenting the magnificence of the beach and the surrounding fishing village.

A drive of one and a half hours or more from Muscat to Quriyat and onwards to Fins can seem long and tiresome, but the visual treat that awaits visitors at the beach is well worth the dreariness. The gravel road will lead to beautiful camping spots that stretch along the long shore line, offering opportunities to fish, swim, barbeque or simply sit down and soak in the picturesque sunset.

What makes Fins all the more spectacular are the pebbles that adorn the beach. The shoreline is an ocean of white and stained pebbles – ranging from flat circular ones to smooth big pebbles – providing a gratifying experience for nature lovers; the option of picking and admiring the wind-worn beauties, and perhaps, taking one home as a keepsake, adding to the charm. Overnight campers can also look forward to early morning walks along the shores to catch sights of flamingos and seagulls scouring for food.

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, inviting tenders to incorporate essential services and facilities for visitors and tourists at Fins, is bound to make the beach all the more popular for residents who want an extra dose of comfort in their picnics or campouts.