Saturday, February 04, 2023


Oman is a country with a soul: Suresh Joseph

Suresh Joseph, an internationally acclaimed globetrotter is in Oman, his 53rd destination.

By Nishad Padiyarath

Friday, May 13, 2022

He has travelled to 52 countries on five continents since 2010. He is the first man on the planet to drive on the four longest highways of the world and has also authored eight books. “Wait! What? Five-two countries? Is travelling his job?” a friend asked when I narrated to him the story of legendary Indian ‘globetrotter’ Suresh Joseph. 

Joseph chose Oman as his 53rd destination for a special reason. “I give myself a birthday gift every year. My birthday falls on May 14. So, I try to travel to a new country. This year I decided to travel to Oman because it was a kind of desire I’ve had for many years,” Joseph said in a free-wheeling conversation with The Arabian Stories