Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Here comes the rain in Oman: why we love it

A country with hills and vales with lots of greenery, rain is a beautiful experience in Oman, if you are ready to enjoy the beauty.

By Reena Rahman


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

When I woke up this morning, it was raining cats and dogs. I could see the waterlogged roads, parked cars in floodwaters, vicinities without sign of life. Rain is nothing unusual for Oman, which has witnessed climatic extremity on more than one occasion in the recent times. 

Yes, rain has often played spoilsports in the country too. This time also, it is the same, affecting the flow of life in the gush of rain fury. Transportation affected, public movement affected. The authorities have even temporarily suspended the Covid-19 vaccination service in old Muscat airport in Seeb due to heavy rainfall, though. Educational institutions have been closed and examinations cancelled due to the heavy rain.

Owing to the topography of the place, many localities in Oman get cut off and people prefer to remain indoors. You can see water gushing from hillsides to the roads thus marooning many places. But this is a great occasion for the adventure lovers to chase the rain, be with it and live in it, of course with due care. 

A country with hills and vales with lots of greenery, rain is a beautiful experience in Oman, if you are ready to enjoy the beauty. There are places where you can safely enjoy rain.

While watching the rain outdoors, I am reminded of a book, ‘Chasing The Monsoon: A Modern Pilgrimage Through India’, by Alexander Frater, and the documentary film based on his experience aired by the BBC. 

It was probably for the first time that such a great idea of enjoying the rain was introduced, as he travelled in the late 1980s from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala to Bombay, and then crossing to Delhi and Calcutta, to finish in Cherrapunji.

His mission was to follow the onset of the monsoon up the western coast of India, thus revealing the beauty of rain and introduce the overwhelming weather season to the word thus presenting its cultural diversity as well. 

In this travelogue of amazing character, Frater sometimes stayed behind it and sometimes in front of it, thus presenting a breathtaking picture of the extraordinary phenomenon called rain.If you are a traveler at heart, and loves a vacation that is unconventional, Alexander Frater’s narrative would tempt and provoke you for sure.

 And, though not as big as India, Oman has such a great experience in stock during the rains, if you are ready to explore it, adhering to the rules of the country and with all precautionary measures.

If the sun-soaked beaches can tempt you, if the hailstorm and snowfall in the hills can lure you, the rain too has its magic spell once you are ready to enjoy it in all its wilderness in a country that has a magical touch to its climate.
Come, let’s celebrate rain!