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Vodafone invests in Oman’s marketing future with Ogilvy and Alamah partnership

Partnership will also commit to creating career and development opportunities for Oman’s young marketing talent.

TAS News Service

Monday, November 22, 2021

MUSCAT : Vodafone, the leading technology communications company, today signed a partnership with creative communications powerhouse Memac Ogilvy and Muscat-based specialised marketing communications agency Alamah Marketing to bring world-class marketing excellence to Oman. The agreement will see Memac Ogilvy and Alamah Marketing work shoulder to shoulder to launch and build the Vodafone brand in the Sultanate while simultaneously advancing the skills of Omanis working in the marketing sector.

The agreement underlines Vodafone’s belief in the strength of Oman’s network of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), and the telecommunications leaders’ commitment to investing in and adding value to the nation.

“Vodafone has a long history of connecting global with local to provide our customers with world-class services that are hyper-relevant to them,” commented Bader al Zidi, CEO of Vodafone Oman. “Our partnership with Alamah Marketing and Memac Ogilvy takes this to new heights as we bring a global marketing leader and an expert local agency together for the good of our brand and the country’s communications sector. This partnership will undoubtedly open doors for Oman’s youth to pursue a rewarding career in a thriving industry.”

Hashar Al Mandhari, Alamah Marketing CEO, commented: “We are proud of our partnership with a global brand as Vodafone and our contribution to the company’s efforts to develop the skills of Omani talent so they can pursue opportunities outside of the Sultanate.

The communications and information technology sector is dynamic, and marketing plays a vital role in understanding and connecting with a culture. As a proud Omani company, Alamah Marketing is perfectly placed to help develop global marketing strategies that remain connected to local roots, backed by our new partner Memac Ogilvy and the expertise they bring.”

David Fox, Memac Ogilvy’s Chief Executive Officer, MENA, added: “Growing the influence of a major brand such as Vodafone is what we get out of bed for, but this partnership with Vodafone and Alamah Marketing is something special. It is a privilege to apply our expertise not only to help launch a company in a new territory, but also to support the development of young communications talent alongside a local agency partner. We look forward to seeing both Vodafone and Alamah Marketing flourish in Oman over the years to come.” Cementing Vodafone’s commitment to the market and support for society, the Vodafone Academy aims to qualify and employ more than 140 Omanis, placing them on a path to becoming future leaders of the Sultanate’s communications sector. After the success of the first training programmes in Care and Retail, Vodafone will set up a new training programme in Marketing to equip young local talent with specialist, industry-leading expertise.

Vodafone International is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, providing services in 22 countries alongside a network of partnerships reaching 48 countries. In the Sultanate, Vodafone has welcomed the Oman Future Telecom Company onto its global partnerships programme, supporting the Omani business with access to specialised services for growth. 

About Vodafone Oman:

Vodafone Oman was established through a strategic partnership between the Oman Future Telecommunication Company and Vodafone International, one of the largest providers of mobile, fixed, broadband and digital TV services.

In 2021, the Company obtained a Class I License to establish and operate public mobile telecommunications services in the Sultanate, becoming the third telecom operator in the local market. In November 2021, the Company obtained its second Class I License for installation and operation of international public telecommunications.

Vodafone Oman seeks to employ the latest technologies and digital solutions in the world of telecommunications, aligning its efforts to contribute towards the achievement of the Oman Vision 2040 objectives. This is made possible by giving individuals, companies, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to foster innovation.

The Omanisation percentage within the Vodafone Oman team is valued at 95%, showcasing the company’s significant interest in developing local talent, knowledge exchange and localising technology. These are further enhanced through the provision of a sophisticated work environment that stimulates self-development and creativity.

Vodafone firmly believes that talented individuals, together with cutting-edge technologies, can lead the way towards building a bright future that is sought-after by everyone. The company’s belief is reflected in its chosen slogan, ‘Together, we can’.